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Karnataka Government’s EV focus, told CM Ashwath Narayan

On a virtual meet organized by the World Economic Forum, “Governing goods on the move” Karnataka CM DR. C N Ashwath Narayan pointed out the need for shifting towards EVs.

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Furthermore, he also stated the reasons behind the need to shift to electric vehicles, due to depleting fossil fuels, and high energy costs. With the damage done by current transportation to the environment, there is an urgent need for digital intervention.

Additionally, he pointed out that many have already proved how reliable EVs are for both people and the environment. They are much safer and budget-friendly with the right technology.

The tech transformation

The virtual event conducted by World Economic Forum was focused on warehouse logistics as there has been an exceptional increase in demand for goods during the pandemic. Alongside, they also discussed the transforming technology and last-mile delivery systems in logistics. Everything related to safety, health, and security in the area was discussed.

Also, Dr. Ashwath Narayan stated, “Mobile internet, automation, the internet of things, cloud computing, advanced genomics, renewable energy are some
areas of innovation and technology that need to be adopted to
bring about changes in ways of traditional systems of

With that, it is obvious that the CM is aware of the importance of what he is talking about. It is not just about randomly shifting to an electric vehicle, but also moving forward with technology like cloud computing, something the large global companies are focusing on. All over the world, the concerns about increasing pollution levels and high fuel costs have pushed many governments to invest in EV-based investment.

Even to adapt to an electric scooter, one needs proper charging facilities around them, or nearby. That is where the government’s intervention is needed. Furthermore, not only reduced taxes would help, but also investing in appropriate infrastructure.

Besides this, the CM plans to focus on mile delivery, commute space, and logistics.

Partnership with IISc

IISc research center is one of the best forums in India for the development of advanced technologies. The institute developed a forum, “4.0 India@IISc” which is a smart factory with a combination of data analytics and smart systems. As mentioned on their official website, the team is working on sustainable energy, safe manufacturing ergonomics, and smart instrumented data.

The CM Dr. C N Ashwath Narayan mentioned the smart factory in the virtual meet. He added that the state government tied allies with World Economic Forum with a common goal to launch the “Centre of Internet of Ethical Things”.




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