KEEGO – The World’s First Squeezable Metal Bottle


As metal bottles keep water fresh and pure, they are often considered a healthier and environmental-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. But still, athletes and sportspersons have to tolerate the stale taste of water kept in plastic bottles, as these bottles are squeezable, unlike their metal counterparts.

But KEEGO has promised a revolutionary product by blending the squeezability of plastic bottles with the benefits of a metal bottle. Metal and squeezability may sound an impossible combination, but KEEGO is going to do this. Let’s find out how this is going to happen.

What Inspired KEEGO Bottles

We all know the health hazards posed by plastics. The plasticisers and softeners found in a plastic bottle often seep into the liquid kept in it. But still, we keep drinking such contaminated water for functionality, as plastic bottles are lightweight, easy-to-use, and do not break easily.

Metal bottles, on the other hand, do not pose such health risks, and they keep water fresh. But their main drawback is that they are not squeezable. Inspired by this problem, the Austria-based sports bottle brand KEEGO set out to make a metal bottle that can be compressed much like plastic bottles. It is going to be the world’s first squeezable metal bottle made with elastic titanium.

The Technology Behind KEEGO Bottles

The secret behind the world’s first compressible metal bottle lies in its production process. The bottle is not completely made of titanium. Instead, the inside and outside of the bottle contain 99.8% pure titanium sheets, while the core or the middle layer is made of elastic polymer.

Thus, water will come into contact only with the metal layer and then come out through the nozzle, made of medical grade silicone. It is the elastic polymer core of the bottle that makes it compressible just like the plastic bottles. This is how KEEGO has combined the compressibility of plastic bottles with the benefits of the metal bottle to give us the best of both the worlds.

Benefits of KEEGO Bottle

KEEGO bottles made with elastic titanium come with a number of benefits other than its squeezability. These are:

  1. The titanium layer inside the bottle keeps the taste of the liquid intact. The bottle is also easier to clean.
  2. Titanium also prevents the contamination of liquid by softeners and plasticisers. So, it is a healthy alternative to plastic bottles.
  3. The bottle’s compressibility and ergonomic shape make fast, effortless, and one-handed drinking possible for athletes and sportspersons.
  4. Titanium is strong, yet lightweight and this is the reason why the KEEGO bottle is easy-to-use and durable. The bottle contains an outer topcoat that makes it weather- and scratch-resistant.

The KEEGO squeezable bottle is the brainchild of Lucas Angst, the Project Manager for HUGO BOSS, and Business Development Manager for Red Bull. He is also a Vendor Manager for Amazon.

KEEGO is presently on a Indiegogo campaign, which is a global crowdfunding platform. Their bottles can be bought through Indiegogo at the rate of $55 per bottle. The KEEGO bottle is expected to make its appearance in the market by August 2018.


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