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Korean Engineer honors Internet Explorer with a Gravestone for the dead browser
A Gravestone for Internet Explorer celebrates the late browser, according to a Korean engineer.

Korean Engineer honors Internet Explorer with a Gravestone for the dead browser

Korean Engineer honors Internet Explorer with a Gravestone for the dead browser
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After stating last year that it will terminate Internet Explorer, Microsoft finally did it on June 15th, earlier this month. A South Korean software programmer decided to create a tombstone for the Internet Explorer browser, which recently went viral on the internet, to memorialize and celebrate the OG web browser that once ruled the market. Scroll down for more information on the demise of Microsoft’s popular long-lived browser.

This Internet Explorer Gravestone Took The Internet By Storm!

Jung Ki-young is a software developer from Korea who has a love-hate relationship with the browser. So, once Internet Explorer died, Ki-young spent a month constructing a nice headstone for the browser.

The specialist burned through 430,000 won (Rs 25,950) to make the stone in the wake of planning it with the first “e” logo and the sentence “He was a decent device to download different programs.” The landmark was shown in his sibling’s bistro in Gyeongju, Korea.

The Korean software engineer proceeded to say that he needed to invest some parcel more energy to make his applications and pages appear to be alluring on Internet Explorer.

Furthermore, in light of the fact that most Korean government foundations banks actually use Internet Explorer for ordinary web surfing, Ki-clients youthful’s over and again requested that he keep his sites and applications enhanced for Explorer.

“This was a serious irritation, and I’d look at it as a totally revere relationship considering Explorer recently controlled a period,” Ki-youthful told Reuters. He evidently expressed that he needed to make individuals chuckle well with gravestones. In any case, Jung was shocked by how much consideration it got on the web.

“That would be another explanation I’m thankful towards the Explorer; it has previously empowered me to tell a top notch parody,” Jung commented. “I’m disheartened it’s gone, despite the fact that I won’t be missing it.” So resigning, for my purposes, is without a doubt a great demise,” he said.

South Korea, which brags one the quickest normal web speeds on the planet, has remained peculiarly connected to Internet Explorer, which was decommissioned following 27 years of administration.

As per the Washington Post, Microsoft said on Wednesday that it will never again uphold Internet Explorer, the once-predominant program that billions of web clients had an adoration disdain relationship with.

Web Explorer currently joined the positions of BlackBerry telephones, dial-up modems, and Palm Pilots in its death. Engineer Kiyong Jung made a headstone on the roof of a bistro in Gyeongju, South Korea, utilizing the program’s brand name ‘e’ seal. He burned through $330 on a gravestone to respect the program’s passing.

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