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Life Is Strange Remastered Delayed To 2022

Life Is Strange Remastered Delayed To 2022

Credit @ Square Enix

Life Is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment along with Publisher Square Enix have delayed Life Is Strange: The Remastered Collection until early 2022. Life Is Strange Remastered Collection was originally planned to be released on September 10 for PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Google Stadia PC, and Steam.

The Nintendo Switch version of Life is Strange for the console is scheduled to hit the market on September 10 along with other versions of the narrative adventure game and sequel. Game developer Deck Nine today confirmed the delay of True Color for the Nintendo Switch. Via Twitter, Nine announced that a new release date would be announced in the coming weeks.

To ensure this, it was decided to postpone the remastering until early 2022. The Ultimate Edition grants access to the remastered collection and will inform game buyers that it will be released at a later date. This edition will include access to two games from the remix collection, but players will have to wait until early 2022 to get access to them.

In recent years, a hidden studio culture has come to light. Life is Strange was due to release its final installment True Colors in September. The Life Is Strange Remastered collection has presently been postponed until 2022 due to Square Enix taking additional time to develop the Life is Stranger Remastered collection.

The remaster will offer improved graphics for the characters and environments as well as additional mocap performance and facial animation developed by Deck Nine. According to publisher Square Enix, the game will also feature enhanced A-character animations that use full facial movement and performance enhancements from the game’s engine and lighting.

Those who purchased the Deluxe Edition or the Ultimate Edition will also gain access to a new DLC named wavelength, which includes Steph Gingrich a LARP enthusiast’s story. The first True Color DLC called Wavelength will feature the fan-favorite Steph Gingrich, who appeared as Alex Chan’s heroin True Color in Storm One for the first time. A first look at the DLC is available today, August 12, and a trailer has already been released.

With the Wavelength DLC, you’ll allow the returned character Steph Gingrich to step back into his role as a Radio DJ of the City, personalize his record store and play the role of the GM in a tabletop role-playing game. There is also a bonus episode package for the Ultimate Deluxe Edition of the series. In the bonus story, you play Steph for a year as protagonist Alex, who turns up in Haven Springs.

This will play out in the show in a traditional way, but with some dissenting narrative choices. Life is Strange gets weirder in September, as it turns out. Real-life will remain strange, no question about it, but the deck of the adventure drama Nines continues to expand.

The developers announced the delay in a short message shared on social media. For fans of the series, a brand new game in the form of True Colors will inundate them. The release of the games will give the Life Is Strange team more time and space. Although the delay is disappointing, it is good to see that the developers are getting some breathing space. The announcement stated that the delay was meant to make things easier for the development team. Although the wait has been frustrating, it will be good to finally see how the developers get some time to put things right.

Life Is Strange Remastered Delayed To 2022

Credit @ Square Enix

They opted for a delay to relieve some of the stress they were exposed to due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Given how many games have been delayed this year, it was a smart tactical decision to delay the remaster, but not their other projects.

The life is strange franchise is a partnership between co-developers Deck Nine and Dontnod Entertainment with the latter working on two different games and developing two spin-offs, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit of the Storm. The original Life Is Strange games were praised for their great storytelling but criticized for poor facial animation and lip-syncing. A version of Deck Nine’s upcoming reboot of the series will run slightly later than the latest franchise, with Twitter confirming today that the sequel will be released sometime next year.



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