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Life Is Strange TV adaptation is still alive

Life Is Strange TV Adaptation

Credit @ Square Enix

Life Is Strange is a game series based on graphic adventure games by developer Square Enix. The third installment, Life Is Strange 2 and its spinoff Captain Spirit, have been developed by Dontnod Entertainment and were released in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Now comes a series created by Legendary Television and DJ2 Entertainment created by Legendary Television and Square Enix video games Life Is Stranger and Anonymous Content, under the banner of fast-paced series such as True Detective, 13 Reasons Why, and many others.

Singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes has joined the upcoming Life Is Strange TV show as an executive producer to oversee the music of the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Mendes, a three-time Grammy nominee whose hits are “Stitch” and “Treat You Right” co-wrote the music for the show with Godzilla, Detective Pikachu, and Studio Legendary, announced in 2016. Award-winning singer-songwriters Shawn Mende and Andrew Gertler, his partner at Permanent Content, are overseeing the music for Life is Strange, which is being developed by Legendary Television and DJ2 Entertainment.

The Life Is Strange TV adaptation has partnered up with music star Shawn Mendes and Anonymous content. Legendary Entertainment announced recently that it had acquired rights for the Square Enix’s adventure game series Life is Strange in 2015 and plans to make a live-action television show. Legendary Television, DJ2 Entertainment, and Legendary will act as co-studios, with Legendary taking the role of the lead studio.

Life Is Strange TV Adaptation

Credit @ Square Enix

One of last year’s most lauded video games movements was Dontnod Entertainment’s decision to base an episodic adventure game on Life Is Strange. It was a stunning blend of relatable characters, sci-fi elements, and a plot worthy of a Netflix documentary about the serial killer that made him so famous. Now the fans of the series are looking forward to a small film adaptation.

On the adaptation, announced as Legendary’s upcoming Life Is Strange TV series in 2016, there has been a quiet update, leading many fans to wonder whether it has been canceled, while others have forgotten its existence. A TV adaptation of Life Is Strange is in the works, and the Grammy-nominated singer Shawn Mendes has been hired to record the music for the project.

Life is Strange is a game that builds on the strength of its characters and their relationships, and one of the biggest challenges Legendary Entertainment faces in developing a TV series is finding the right people. The game has its fair share of fans, and a strong community is an understatement. For all the excitement fans have thought of Life is Strange, there is still a chance that the game is far from dead and that Hulu will not drop a surprise announcement within the next few months.

Life Is Strange TV Adaptation

Credit @ Square Enix

The real challenge is figuring out what to do when it comes to live-action. It is in production by Anonymous Content, the creators of the Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why. Legendary TV channel DJ2 Entertainment, the production company behind Anonymous Content, which is also working on the anime series Tomb Raider for Netflix, is working on the project.

The developers of the series first two mainline games, expressed interest in a future series but noted that they would opt for new characters, explaining that the rights belong to Square Enix and that the decision of the future of the franchise rests with the publisher. It’s nice to know that a company that made a Life is Strange television show is working on a video game show and a Tomb Raider anime.

Life Is Strange, created by Paris-based Dontnod Entertainment, tells the story of a high school student named Max Caulfield who reunites with an old friend Chloe Price while the two teens search for Chloe’s missing friend Rachel Amber. The story of the game series spins around photo enthusiast Max Caulfield, who is a high school senior who discovers she can rewind and save her best friend Chloe Price.



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