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Makara, crypto robot advisor, launched after SEC registration

Crypto has taken off, and it has become so popular that almost everyone is joining the space in some way or the other. Till now, when we heard about crypto apps, we thought of wallets, exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and similar stuff. So, what we have today is something new and exciting. For the first time, we have an SEC-registered crypto robot advisor app called Makara. The app has over 20,000 early-access waitlists and is only available on iOS for now.

What does the crypto robot advisor do?

The idea behind the app Makara is to help those investing in cryptocurrencies. It will help in making the investments more accessible through index-like allocations called baskets. The company claims that the app has been built on technology that has been tested over the last 3 years. Makara says that they are solving a real problem that exists in the crypto market. And the kind of support they are getting from the retail market makes them confident about their app. The makers of MAKARA think that every investor can benefit a lot from this and learn about the potential of crypto.

Makara, crypto robot advisor

Image Source: Cryptoslate

The app is different than other Robo advisors because they help investors only to invest in ETF investments. And we know that there are not ETFs in the US, so they kind of become useless. In fact, Makara provides access to cryptocurrencies directly, which makes their baskets so good for investors. This is unlike many other apps that don’t give direct access to crypto investors.

More about Makara’s baskets

They have a lot of themed offerings in their baskets based on the kind of investments in the crypto markets. These baskets are also sorted based on the interest and goals of users and are linked with Gemini for buying and selling assets. Some of the baskets include DeFi, Inflation Hedge Basket, Universe, Blue Chip Basket, Bitcoin basket, Ethereum basket. All of these offer select cryptocurrencies depending on the group. The app is like small cases that offer a direct group of stocks in one place depending on what the users want.

In order to educate their users, Makara also makes educational content and helps them understand more about crypto. The co-founder of Makara says, “We believe investors should understand what they’re investing in.”.

At present, Makara is only available in the US to iOS users above 18 years of age. I really hope this comes to other regions, too, and also on Android. What are your thoughts on the concept behind Makara? And do you think that the app will actually be good for investors? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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