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Mariah Carey encourages crypto investments by offering free crypto

Crypto investments are getting popular but not everyone is willing to get started in the space. This is despite the huge opportunities this newfound asset provides. This is why Mariah Carey encourages crypto investments by offering free Bitcoins worth $20. She has partnered up with a crypto exchange to make this offering. At the same time, Mariah also said that a portion of the user’s trade will go to a black girls code, a non-profit organization. The goal of this organization is to help women of color make their name in the digital space.

Free Bitcoins

5 time Grammy award winner Mariah has a very big fanbase. And she is trying to encourage everyone to invest in crypto. This is a great step as the world of crypto is advancing and most people still don’t fully understand its potential. One can easily make a fortune in crypto if they are invested in the right places for the right amount of time. And this is why Mariah’s free BTC offerings will incentivize and change the outlook of many fans. We might even see many of them thank her after 5 years or so when they have made good money.

Mariah Carey encourages crypto investments

In order to make this possible, Mariah has partnered with the crypto exchange Gemini to offer the free $20 Bitcoins. To avail of the same, you will need to make sure that you use her referral code while signing up at Gemini. Also, note that verification is required to enjoy the offer.

She also said a few other things about investing in crypto and Bitcoins. For example, one doesn’t need to buy a full coin. They can invest something as low as $5 and still buy a portion of the coin they wanted. And her goal behind this promotion is to raise some funds to be able to help women of color excel in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

What are your thoughts on the fact that Mariah Carey encourages crypto investments? And do you think that $20 is good enough incentive to get people started trading crypto? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative and useful do like and share it with your friends.

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