SEO Marketing Tactics

6 Inbound marketing tactics to skyrocket your search traffic

If you are able to do inbound marketing in the right manner then you will be successful in securing a lot of passive income. But this technique is very much different from the methods used in traditional marketing. You do not have to spend a lot of money on people who are not your target audience. Moreover, you can change the focus of your marketing based on the age, interest, and gender of your audience. 

You can come across many such organizations who are enjoying the power of an inbound marketing plan. But of course, to reap the benefits, you need to spend some time and money on setting up the implementation system which will bring your inbound marketing strategies to effect. 

SEO Marketing Tactics

Generally, there are two methods of getting traffic using inbound marketing –
  • Paid methods
  • Unpaid methods.

But before you get into investments, it’s better to look into the organic or non-paid methods of enhancing search traffic. The best thing about unpaid organic traffic is that the search engines will continue sending you high-quality premium traffic if you are capable of dominating the search engine by maintaining a high rank. Though these methods, that we will discuss here are mostly free, they provide excellent SEO conversion rates. 

But of course, they will not be served to you on the platter. You need to put in a lot of effort in order to reap the benefits of organic traffic. 

This is something that all of us have been interested in. In that light, we go on to discuss non-paid methods to increase search on various virtual forums and end up useless suggestions. 

But below are a few tried and tested methods which won’t get you blacklisted from Google:

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Begin With Content Audit:

What if you come to know that removing some bits and pieces of your content will enhance your ranking and bring in more traffic to your site? Yes, this does happen and many websites have seen a boost in their traffic collection due to this practice. This method of selectively removing content is called content auditing. 

Content auditing is all about going through the various pages on the site which do not seem to be performing correctly and then replacing these pages with content which seems better. 

This practice allows Google and other search engines to see your site as an authoritative one if there are no low-performing content in them. 


Take Ownership Of The Search Term That Has No Competition:

There are a lot of keywords which are yet not being used by many sites. In other words, you can find plenty of search terms on which the sites don’t seem to be offering any quality articles. There are many such search terms which do not provide any real value to the articles and by turn, to the users. 

Your target would be to address these terms and create quality content for them. But before you get in the main work, you need to do some keyword research. There are various tools which you can use to get this done. Using these tools it will be easy for you to find keyword sets which do not have any prior competition. You also need to go through the domain authority and count the words in the article that are going to pop up owing to your search. 

Chances are, if you are selecting a keyword with no prior competition, you may come up with poor articles in the first five search terms. Then it will be your turn to create some high-quality material for that search term. 

Pro Tip: Paraphrasing Tools also comes in handy in SEO.


Focus on Headlines Which Are Emotion-Based:

Even if you are on the first search page of Google, all your efforts are likely to fall apart if no one clicks on your link. One of the best ways of increasing your click-through rate is by coming up with some emotion-based catchy headlines. 

These work the best, and as more people click on your link, Google promotes your site. 

Let’s try and see this using an example:

“ The Best Summer Foods To Make Your Skin Glow”

The moment your title tingles the emotions of looking beautiful, people are most likely to click on your link, because looking beautiful and having glowing, flawless skin is a dream come true for everyone!


Keep A Track Of Your Competitors And Check The Backlinks:

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer- this trick applies here too. You need to keep a close tab on your competitors and check out their back-links from time to time.  By monitoring the posts made by your competitors you can increase your chance of getting backlinks. 

But this has to be a regular process. The best thing you can do is create a list of competitors and their backlink for each article that you wish to write and share – says the experts at top SEO company In India. Read on the recent posts made on the current topic and keep yourself updated. 


Boost The Blogs You Have Published Recently:

It is just wrong to assume that your audience will come to know about the blogs you have published on their own.  The search engines generally do not use the article topics as the only source for that subject matter. So to make things go fast, you can make use of paid campaigns for this purpose. 

This will help people to visit your page and if they like it, they might even share your blog. Do not let your email list alone as well. Reach out to the customers in your list with the new blog topics that you have come up with. 


Concentrate on Creating Viral Posts Before You Reach Out:

To create viral content, you first need a list of topics which have a probability of going viral. You can find such topics on Buzzsumo and other social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Quora

After you have created content on viral topics, you can reach out to the right people and ask them for a favour.  Make sure to add relevant images to the content. Since images speak a thousand words chances of your posts go viral are also high. You can even create your own relevant high-quality images using Canva. If your content is good enough, and if you are in luck, these people might click on your link and even share it on their wall.  This will help you to get a lot of traffic back to your page. 

Organic traffic is quite good if it is an evergreen topic than just a fad.  These mentioned points cover all sorts of business and thus can be used anywhere.  So no matter what business you are running, if you use the above-mentioned tips correctly, they can do wonders to your business as well. 

SEO Marketing Tactics

Constant traffic will become an easy source of income for you as well. However, do not fret if you observe a significant drop in organic traffic. It is quite natural for that to happen at times. Make sure you are monitoring your performance and updating the strategies as and when required and as per your industry needs. 

Do not run after paid means to enhance your SEO ranking right from the start. Though most people do not realize it, free means are as good or even better than their paid counterparts if they are used well. So, use these means and grow your website traffic in a sure shot manner. Good luck!