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Mexican Billionaire advises investing in Bitcoin and staying away from fiat

Mexican Billionaire, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, advises investing in Bitcoin and staying away from fiat currencies as inflation wreaks havoc on their value. He is the 3rd richest billionaire in Mexico, and his take on fiat currencies is agreeable, at least. Ricardo called fiat fake money out of paper and lies. He also talked about the extravagant printing that central banks are doing. All this has only one solution: Bitcoin.

Ricardo advises investing in Bitcoin

In his happy holiday message, which Ricardo recently posted on Twitter on Christmas Eve, he gave some good financial advice as well. Ricardo is the founder and Chairman of Grupo Salinas and is currently worth over $13 billion. In his video, Ricardo advised people to stay away from fiat money. In fact, he also said that the dollar, Euro, Yen, Peso are all the same. It’s fake money with paper and lies, and the central government just keeps printing more.

Mexican Billionaire advises investing in Bitcoin

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Ricardo also advised his followers to buy Bitcoin during November. He also called out the US for behaving like some 3rd world country with their reckless printing of money. With the pace at which money is created out of thin air, it is clear that the dollar will suffer immensely in the near future.

Ricardo is a man of action as he announced plans to open the first bank in Mexico to use Bitcoin. In fact, he also thinks that BTC is the new Gold with a lot more benefits added to it. He has been a Bitcoin supporter and believer since 2013, which shows that he understands it and is not just banking on the current hype.

Fiat is fraud

In the US, the way they print money is by taking debt. The funny part is when the debt limit is reached, they don’t pay it off but take more debt by increasing the limit. It is better if you guys take a look at the video above to understand this system better. This system is broken, and someday it is going to collapse, and when that happens, Bitcoin will be your only friend. So, it is a very bad idea to think BTC is created out of the blue, but fiat is real money.

What are your thoughts as the Mexican Billionaire advises investing in Bitcoin? And do you also think fiat currencies are a fraud? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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