Microsoft 365 suffered a major outage: Outlook, and other services went down

Microsoft 365 suffered a significant outage on 29th September. Their 365 package includes many services like the OutLook, Teams, and many others that are mainly used by businesses. Therefore, when their services went down, the entire twitter went crazy, and many users complained about their problems.

Microsoft’s feedbacks and reason for the outage

The outage seemed to have occurred after an update by Microsoft. They tried to reduce the outage’s impact by rerouting the systems and trying to bring back the services for users. Microsoft 365 Status tweeted:

We’ve identified a recent change that appears to be the source of the issue. We’re rolling back the change to mitigate impact. Please follow for updates on this issue if you are unable to access the admin portal”.

Microsoft 365 suffers a major outage
Image Source: Microsoft website

Trying to figure out that the outage might have occurred because of a recent change, Microsoft tried to roll back the update. But then they figured out that they aren’t getting any increase in connections after the change.

Tweeting about the same, they said, “We’ve rolled back the change that is likely the source of impact and are monitoring the environment to validate that service is recovering. Please visit for additional information on this issue.”

How many users were affected by this?

A lot of users were affected after Microsoft 365 suffered a major outage. Though there aren’t any exact numbers by Microsoft seeing the significant number of tweets, we can estimate the number of affected users to be quite large. Some users also complained about missing job interviews and college assignment deadlines.

Image Source: Tim Broadwater

Microsoft’s update said that many users are getting access after their updates. But, still, users located in the North American region might still be facing problems. They also mentioned any user logged in to their service won’t be affected. But, only new logins are facing the problems.

After a lot of work, some users seem to have got back access to Microsoft’s services as they tweeted out. Microsoft also said that they are seeing a significant improvement in the number of users connecting to their services.

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