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Microsoft announces complete reopening of worksites delayed till Sep 7th


Source: Ommcom News

Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies in the world and with great power, the responsibility has to be taken into account for. Well, we all know about the unfortunate COVID-19 situation around the world and how businesses have been negatively impacted, especially the ones without an online thread.

Microsoft among other big technology companies had to shut down its worksites to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols set by the government and the World Health Organisation. The threat was at its peak last year and these offices have been shut for months now. However, work from home culture has successfully taken over in many situations and companies are strongly encouraging this concept which keeps everyone safe while still maintain work balance.

Having said that, Microsoft has recently announced to delay the full reopening of its worksites till September 7th, mentioning that it is working towards the ‘Stage 6’ phase of its hybrid work-mode plan. Originally, the company had announced to activate the ‘Stage 6’ phase in July but because of the rising cases all across the world, the company has taken a wise decision to wait till September.

A Microsoft spokesperson mentioned in a statement to The Verge saying that this decision has been taken by the company’s continued consultation with data and health experts. He added that Microsoft has shifted the earliest date of U.S. worksites reopening to September 7th, 2021. The company is continuously reviewing the situation on a local day to day basis in each region, country and state and will certainly adjust the dates country-wise as needed.

For those of you who are not aware, the Six stages of the COVID-19 hybrid workspace plan include:

Stage 1: Closed

Stage 2: Mandatory work from home

Stage 3: Work from home strongly recommended

Stage 4: Soft opening of worksites

Stage 5: Opening with multiple restrictions

Stage 6: Full reopening

As mentioned in a report by Business Insider, Kurt DelBene, Executive Vice President, Microsoft says that this decision to delay the complete reopening of United States worksites is for the benefit of all. He added that this date in September will provide additional flexibility for employees to make plans for the summer and will always stay updated with the situation that has been going around. The company has also given its regional heads a leeway to push back the date as and when depending upon the local situation by region and country.

Microsoft has successfully reopened its worksites in a limited capacity and about 20% of its staff is back in offices worldwide.



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