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We are in the age of stiff competition. The number of jobs is less, and the quantity of applicants is enormous. According to a study conducted, any position that is being put up on the internet gets more than 250 applicants, out of which only 2% are selected. This means only 5 out of 250 are eligible to proceed with the interview. This means that one will need the utmost professionalism for the company even to consider them.

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Various sites offer jobs, but the problem with them is, these websites are company oriented. In simpler words, they have algorithms that are inclined towards the needs of the company than that of the applicants. But isn’t this everywhere? 

Well, No! Limbo,, Credhive are some of the anonymous job platforms which have been created, keeping in mind the need of applicant ahead of the company’s. 

Usually, employees work as a team on projects where they act as a backup for each other. This works for the benefit of the company as if one employee has to leave, and then others are there to share the workload. Moreover, it is the manager’s responsibility to overlap the employee’s roles and keep the positions filled. 

Now, does the employee also have a similar type of reinforcement? The major problem here is without any proper reserve, losing the primary source of income can be highly risky. This is a valid concern because employees are let go due to various reasons, such as staff cuts or personal purposes. 

So, how do platforms like or Limbo create a difference? By merely altering the negotiation position of the job seeker. Here, the employee is given less stressful situations to deal with and more freedom. How? At, it is the companies that apply rather than the candidate. 

Let’s look at a few scenarios we come across in our day to day life –
  • A lot of times, it happens that we want to move forward with our lives. It can only happen if we’re ready to let go of our current position. But the complication in that is, no matter how good of an employee you’re, most managers won’t be pleased to know that their employee is looking for a job change. This reduces your chances of promotion or growth in that company.

  • Sometimes, you feel stuck at one job and are in search of a better position that feels more worthy. But looking for the right job takes time, and of course, you need to make sure your boss doesn’t find out. This can be a very tiring task as an applicant needs to send a CV, alter his status on Linkedin, and publish his resume in various job sites. 
So, on the one hand, you have to find the right job, and on the other, you need to make sure your current employment is not at risk. How do you succeed? 

In both these cases, anonymous job platforms are boon. By not disclosing the identity of the applicant, websites like ensures that one can switch their jobs without having to face a consequence in their current situation. Furthermore, due to the anonymity, it increases your chances of being in a better position. How? It can find you the job you’re looking for, or if not, it makes sure that your future in the current situation is secure. has the vision to change the way people alter jobs by providing them a more secure portal. They firmly believe that everyone should have the option to switch from one position to another freely as it allows them to move forward in their pursuit of a better life. 

So what are you waiting for? If you’re among the millions who are searching for their dream jobs, go ahead and try anonymous job search services, and take the first step towards your dream”