More Details On Kia Battery Vehicles Along With 2 Battery Options
Kia is famous for it's ultra fast charging, EV6 is set to be available in all 50 States.

The reservations to book Kia EV6 will start on June 3rd. Also, the EV6 crossover is set to be available with two battery options. And further additional details on features are revealed.

2022 Kia EV6 revealed for US: Lands early next year with 300 miles of range  - Roadshow
Image credits- CNET

Available by early next year

As per the recent announcement on Tuesday, the EV6 is set to launch soon by early 2022. However, the other model, the performance GT model is expected to be available by late 2022.

The first EV6 model would be Kia’s Plan S, with a 300-mile range. It is expected to cost less than $60,000. As mentioned, the first battery option is a 58kWh battery with a rear motor power of 167hp. And the other is a 77.4kWh battery with 218hp rear motor power. This huge difference also has a varied price range. It is a 5 passenger crossover.

Then, the performance GT model is expected to have a powertrain capacity of 77.5kWh battery and rear motor power of 576 hp. It is to have 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds. As this model is set to start late, more developments are to come.

Kia electric cars come with dual 12.3-inch screens and have a curve display. And has a blue light feature, to reduce strain for the driver’s eye.

As said by the company, “After Kia’s dynamic new logo and brand renewal were announced worldwide in January, Kia America took advantage of the debut of the innovative electric vehicle EV6 in North America to take advantage of the global Kia plan. We will officially adopt the S strategy and change the company name to Kia America.“

Competing with other EVs

Kia’s fast charging is what attracts most customers. So the EV6 models come with 400V and 800V DC fast charging. And the 800V DC charge can charge from 10% to more than 90% in 18 minutes. While EV makers were considering battery swapping technology as an option, this kind of fast charging is impressive.

As charging is the main concern with EVs, Kia provides another interesting solution. Kia’s portable power generator has a capacity of 2,000lbs. More details are no revealed about this generator.

Also, AWD models have dual motors, to have better acceleration and power grip. However, the regular EV6 comes with an RWD and rare suspension. Alongside, the website mentions that Kia EV6 is quicker than Porsche Cayenne(which is 335 hp).

Furthermore, the Kia announcement included, “The new name is the most visible element of a complete brand transformation and follows the recent name change to Kia Corporation by Kia Motors Corporation.”

Kia invested $25 billion to shift towards EVs, and this includes all the products in the electric vehicle segment.