Most Popular Online Payment Solutions In the UK

E-commerce websites bank completely on an online payment system for their effective functioning. Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a list of the best online payment solutions which can cater to the business platforms in the UK:

# Worldpay

Worldpay is the largest payment processing company in the UK which accounts for a lion’s share of its transactions. They offer tremendous flexibility in terms of choosing a plan. This makes them the perfect choice for small businesses. You can either integrate the Worldpay payment gateway into your site or bank on their platform depending on your requirements and budget. Support rendered to 120 different currencies allows accepting payments from around the world. Advanced fraud protection makes them the best choice for guaranteeing the safety of your business.

# Adyen

Adyen wishes to deliver a frictionless payment experience to the end customer. It accepts more than 250 payment methods online, over the phone, and in person. 

# PayPal

Enjoy reliable, fast, and pain-free transactions with PayPal which is the best choice for high volume retailers. However, the fees might seem exorbitant for businesses having low monthly sales volume. 

# Payoneer

Payoneer has spread its wings across more than 200 countries for catering to 4 million users. A Payoneer account allows users to receive local bank transfers from marketplaces and companies in the UK, US, Japan, EU, Canada, China, and Australia. 

# Clear Currency

Clear Currency is a foreign exchange specialist that handles money transfers over £5,000, providing a hassle-free way to make currency transactions. Catering for personal and business transactions, they have a unique partnership program for businesses with various benefits. They are cost-effective and have in-house currency experts who guide them through every step of the exchange process. By having quick and easy transfers, they provide instant rates and same-day transfers with the ability to manage payments online 24/7. Clear Currency bases its exchanges on the mid-market rate (the best available exchange rate), ensuring that clients always get the most competitive rate. Also, they’re FCA regulated for secure and reliable transactions.

# Amazon Pay

The checkout process becomes super easy with Amazon Pay having 1-click payment options. Users can also sync their Amazon accounts and use various gift cards for making payments. Once customers enter their credentials, checkout times get reduced significantly. 

# Stripe

Enjoy customizable payment which can be easily embedded into your website for helping customers proceed with the payment sans any distraction with Stripe. If you are trying to earn the trust of customers as a brand and enhance your conversion rate, then Stripe can serve as your perfect choice. Stripe accepts more than 135 currencies and is comparatively cheaper than its peers like Worldpay.

# Square

Get your online business up and running in no time with Square which brings greater ease of use courtesy of its partnership with website builders like Weebly and Wix. Small businesses can especially benefit from this platform which is comparatively cheaper than Paypal. 


This highly customizable payment system has evolved into a popular choice of online retailers. might feel a bit expensive for merchants having low transaction volume. 


When it comes to choosing the payment service for your business, you are bound to feel lost for choices. However, you can gain an insight into the different services by browsing through the roundup collated above.