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MotorTrend shows-off first mass produced electric pickup Rivian R1T

Rivian is finally set up to start deliveries this month after many delays. MotorTrend got to spend a handful of days with Rivian R1T. Stated it as “Most Remarkable pickup we’ve ever driven”. Being the first electric pickup to be mass-produced, it is truly outstanding in its features too.

Rivian Busy With Three Electric Vehicle Launches, Big Future Plans

Image credits- MotorTrend

First, as you look at the vehicle, the size is what comes to anyone’s attention, it is the size of the vehicle. Said as “between a midsize pickup like the Chevy Colorado and a traditional half-tonner like the Ford F-150. The Rivian R1T’s shape and compact bed mimic those of “lifestyle” trucks like the Honda Ridgeline and Hyundai Santa Cruz, but it’ll tow 11,000 pounds according to Rivian and rock crawl like a Jeep Gladiator according to us.”

Such precise description already gives a picture of how the vehicle looks overall. Rivian seems to have taken the best and ideal aspects of every model with additional spectacular features. Most killer applications are stated as suspension setup and powertrain. The vehicle is quick and the two motors at the front axle have 415 horsepower and 413-lb-ft of torque. And the back axle motors have 420 horses and 495 lb-ft. As specified by Rivian, the electric pickup can go 0-60 times of 3.0 seconds.

Remarkable features

Furthermore, R1T has outstanding agility both on-road and off-road with real-time vectoring and delivering power precisely to the corner. In case the range is slipping and you need the vehicle to last longer, only two electric motors can be used, making it a front-wheel drive.

MotorTrend took plenty of twists and turns, only to experience its incredible swiftness. Their torque vectoring is greatly appreciated after trying to provoke a little understeer and nail a throttle. Furthermore, the smoothness while crawling is pointed out, which doesn’t involve any complicated driving, the driver simply has to steer and apply throttle.

The next best thing is the regenerative braking system. The vehicle has four levels of regeneration a driver can choose from. As the vehicle slows down, it can be left at low or medium and the vehicle slows in a way that is convenient to even a regular driver who is not used to one-pedal driving.

More interesting things include storage space, which was already known from different other exclusive reviewers. The skateboard-type powertrain leaves a lot of space. Its interior feel, the seats, visibility are all comfortable and give a smooth experience to passengers in addition to the silence and smooth driving.



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