Musk is scheduled to testify again in the Tesla funding tweet 

Elon Musk would therefore give testimony in San Francisco on Tuesday, within a week of revealing to a panel of judges on Monday that he would have guaranteed financial clout in 2018 to accept Tesla Corporation’s personal debt. Musk is defending himself against accusations that he defrauded stockholders when he posted on Twitter on August 7, 2018, claiming that he had “financial support managed to secure” to consider taking Tesla private at $420 per share but also that “investment company support is affirmed.”

“With SpaceX equities alone, I began to feel financial support had been protected,” Musk told an arbitrator on Monday, referring to the aircraft manufacturer for which he also serves as CEO. He later explained that he decided against taking Tesla personal because of the lack of assistance from certain shareholders as well as a desire to prevent a painstaking process.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Wins Defamation Trial Over ‘Pedo Guy’ Tweet

The court hearing tends to put Musk’s predilection for carrying to Twitter to broadcast his more often than not irreverent opinions to the test, as well as the moment when country’s second individual can be held to account for stepping over the line. Tesla’s share price surged following Musk’s 2018 Twitter posts, only to plummet when it became clear that the takeover bid still wouldn’t take place. As a consequence, venture capitalists claim to have lost huge amounts of money.

A jury of nine would then make a decision on whether the Tesla CEO massively boosted the shares of the company by espousing the opportunities of the hostile takeover, or even if and by what amount. Musk asserted that when he posted a tweet regarding financial support, he was not saying that it would eventuate, but that he was “remembering about that as well,” and that it had been his “viewpoint” that financial support had already been protected.

Musk gave testimony on Monday that he managed to meet with legislators of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund the Municipal Investment Group, on July 31, 2018, at Tesla’s manufacturing company in Fremont, California, in addition to saying he could have financially supported the agreement through SpaceX. He recognised that a regime change cost wasn’t really spoken about, but it said Saudi representatives stated unequivocally that they would travel to any extent necessary to make a takeover bid happen. Musk claimed that perhaps the firm’s chancellor, Yasir Al-Rumayyan, later reversed his pledge to take Tesla private. Al-lawyers Rumayyan’s did not respond to a request for statement.