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Musk once again takes up the “trending” throne on Twitter.

It has now become a timely ritual for Twitter to bring up Elon Musk’s name every now and then. Quite naturally, Musk is trending on Twitter yet again for the millionth time. Cannot call that an exaggeration since it might actually be the millionth time. It is Elon Musk we are talking about after all. Anything is possible. And now the question as to why Musk is trending on Twitter. Yet again. It will be a rather hard task to detangle the spectrum of reasons and finally come to the root of it. Wise ones will say that it is better to leave that quest unfulfilled.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Trending On Twitter

Elon Musk graces the trending list on Twitter on a regular basis for various reasonable and unreasonable reasons. It cannot be denied that Musk is someone who has an inbuilt magnetic system that can attract collective attention and responses. This time the reason why Musk has become the topic of discussion is rather hazy. Although one reason is his response to Twitter that mentioned that he was taking way too many jibes at Apple. To which the tech mogul responded with a smile(use some imagination here) and said that he is a user of the company’s products himself. Although it is a known fact that once the name “Musk” appears people start adding all sorts of bits and pieces to the story. Here are some of those bits and pieces from Twitter.

Musk and crypto cannot be separated ever.

One cannot help but be amazed at the diversity of topics that pop up. Where did we start and where are we now?

Cannot agree more!

Now that is something that never stops coming.

I admire the way some people handle humor effortlessly.

Let me put forth an honest, non-sarcastic question. What is the connection between Musk and philosophy?

Yes, you should always dream big.

The scent of disbelief is already sharp at this point. Let’s wrap up with that.




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