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Nagpur’s 15 year old wonder-kid bags a 33 crore package, loses it after age reveal

Has it ever happened with you that when you do something completely random just for fun and it yields really great results? Sounds like a dream right? Well, while we dream, Nagpur’s Vedant Deokate is living this dream.

Vedant entered into a random coding competition that he found through an Instagram link and what happened next changed not only his life but also shocked everyone else around him. He wrote approximately 2,066 lines worth of code and ended up winning the competition.

Two days later, the 15 year old prodigy received an offer from a huge advertising firm in New Jersey. They had offered him to join their HRD team in exchange of a whooping sum of Rs. 33 Lakhs per annum. Confused whether it was authentic or not, Vedant went to seek his teachers’ help.

When they wrote back to the company, revealing that Vedant was only 15 years old and studying in Class 10th, the company was forced to retract its offer due to Vedant’s age being a hindrance. However, not all was lost for the young lad. The company promised that if Vedant continues on the same path, they’re willing to give him a better offer once he’s done with his education. The company asked Vedant to be in touch with them after completing necessary educational formalities.

Vedant’s parents were as surprised as he himself was. Vedant was scolded every now and then by his mother for always being on her laptop. In an interview with the Times of India, his parents revealed that they were often very hard on him about studying and academics but had no idea that their son was actually a computing genius. Both his parents are from engineering background and are professors in a reputed college in Nagpur.

Vedant’s teachers always had faith in him. In fact, they were the ones who revealed it to his parents that he had bagged such a great offer. They labelled him as a ‘gifted child’.

This is not the first time Vedant has achieved something great at such a young age. Sometime ago, Vedant created a radar system model for his school’s science fair and ended up winning a gold medal for the same. Vedant also runs his own website animeeditor.com that is based on a similar concept as YouTube but with additional features such as chat box, blogging, etc. Vedant is a self taught wonder-kid. His parents are planning to buy him a laptop of his own having received such a wonderful gift.



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