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Need an injury attorney in Philadelphia? Check these pointers!

Did you suffer injuries in a car crash in Philadelphia? Are you a victim of medical malpractice? Did someone’s dog bite you? You could potentially sue the party at fault. Winning a personal injury lawsuit isn’t the easiest task. In Pennsylvania, you just have two years to file a lawsuit after suffering a personal injury, and therefore, you have to act immediately. One of the first steps is to call an attorney. Legal representation does matter when it comes to such circumstances. In this post, we have a list of pointers for choosing Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

  • Experience. Personal injury law covers a wide range of cases. From injuries caused by defective products and medical malpractice to workplace accidents, car crashes, and slip & fall accidents, everything is covered. Find an attorney who specializes in lawsuits that are similar to yours. For instance, a lawyer may know what it takes to pursue a third-party insurance claim after a crash but could be less skilled at handling construction accidents. 
  • Trial experience. A lot of personal injury lawsuits are settled through negotiations. Your lawyer will typically try for an out-of-court settlement, but when that doesn’t happen, a lawsuit may seem apparent. If you are hiring a lawyer for the first time, ask about their experience of representing clients at trial. 
  • Results and success rate. How can you efficiently measure the success of an attorney? While things can be confusing at times, you should certainly ask about their top cases and settlements. It would help if you had an attorney with a high success rate and won maximum compensation amounts for their clients. It is also wise to ask for a few references. 
  • Fee and costs. Lawyers usually charge a contingency fee for most personal injury cases. The lawyer doesn’t get paid unless you have a settlement from the insurance company or at-fault party. Other costs of the case may include investigation and litigation expenses. Ensure that you get a fair estimate of the expenses in advance. 
  • Comfort and attention. No matter the situation, having a pleasant and comfortable equation with your attorney is important. On your first meeting, check if the lawyer is keen on answering your questions or is empathetic to your circumstances. They should ideally explain your rights and other details in depth before the case proceedings start. 

Get an attorney soon after your injury incident. You have to gather evidence and details to bolster your case. 




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