Google down

Netizens rush to Twitter as Google goes down

Technology has come to such a point that any question or queries of ours can be answered. We just have to google it. Google, without question, has become a crucial part of our lives where technology rules with relish. Thus it can only be imagined how bad the frenzy would be when Google decides to temporarily shut shop. On Tuesday, the entire world of tech-dependent humans experienced a global google outage, thanks to a software update that left the users stranded. Given the fact that Google is one of the most visited websites, the effect caused by the outage doesn’t need particular detail or description.

Google down

Google promptly apologized for the inconvenience caused by the software update, and it ‘worked quickly to undo the damage caused. According to a Google spokesperson, ”

We’re aware of a software update issue that occurred late this afternoon Pacific Time and briefly affected the availability of Google search and Maps. We apologize for the inconvenience. We worked to quickly address the issue and our services are now back online.”

Netizens Rush To Twitter

Quite naturally, the primary reflex of the netizens was to rush to Twitter to confirm the issue and ensure that they are not the only people left in a haze by the outage. What better place to show solidarity than Twitter? Let us flip through a few reactions and responses on Twitter to gauge the situation at hand.

Now that is pure brilliance at work

The inexplicable pain of betrayal.

Naturally evolved reflex. We can’t help it.

The usual marathon to Twitter

A tale as old as time.

As the saying goes, “All is well that ends well.”