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Ever Imagined New York to Washington DC in 29mins? Elon Musk will Make it Happen Soon!

21 July 2017, India:

Ever imagined to reach New York to Washington DC in less than 30mins? Or Pune to Mumbai in less than 15mins!? Elon Musk is going to make that happen!

Musk has said he has received “verbal” approval to start building an ultra-high-speed underground transport system linking New York and Washington DC, by doing so, Los Angeles-based Hyperloop could cover 355 kilometers in 29 minutes.

“Elon Musk has had no contact with Philadelphia officials on this matter,” said Mike Dunn, the city spokesman. “We do not know what he means when he says he received ‘verbal government approval’. There are numerous hurdles for this unproven ‘hyperloop’ technology before it can become reality.”

A spokesperson for the state of Pennsylvania confirmed that neither the governor nor the state’s department of transportation had been contacted by Musk or his company as per the report by The Guardian.

Ben Sarle, a spokesman for the New York City mayor’s office, said in an email: “Nobody in City Hall, or any of our city agencies, has heard from Mr. Musk or any representatives of his company.”

Hyperloop is a concept where a pod-like vehicle travels through a near-vacuum that’s contained within a tube. It can theoretically touch top speeds of close to 1,200 km an hour even when not running on full steam, using less energy than conventional modes of transportation. It is being heralded as the future of high-speed passenger and freight transportation the world over, with futurists such as Elon Musk backing the concept. (Image-

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