Megavenues Launches Chatbot To Make Event Venue Search Easier!

Pune, 20 July, 2017: One of India’s largest marketplace for personal and professional event venues, Megavenues recently launched a chatbot called Megabot which makes it easy to for you to ask for recommendations about personal and corporate events.

The bot can be accessed by clicking on “Let’s Chat” tab, which directs you to messenger where you can start chatting directly with Megabot. The bot will then continue to ask a series of questions to understand requirements and respond with venue options where the event can be hosted.

Be it a birthday party, wedding, reception, cocktail party or corporate event, Megabot is already helping more than 100 customers daily to search and book venues faster.

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“More than 35% of our customers rely on livechat to get help in searching and booking venues. Megabot offers a 24×7 chat feature that accelerates this process. As we continue to optimize our algorithms for the bot, we are sure to bring near human efficiency to planning events for customers.” said the Co-Founder and CEO, Rahul Rane.

Search data covers 10 Indian cities, so the bot has you covered for planning events in all major places in India. The company says the information is shareable, so it is very easy to share shortlisted venues from Megabot with friends and family.

Mr. Vinit Sharma, Head of client relations at, said, “With MegaBot in place we now have an extra person in our sales team reducing our manual efforts by a significant amount. We can utilize our time in maintaining the conversion ratio and making the clients happy.”

“Our vision is to evolve Megabot into an Artificial Intelligence powered personal event planner for anyone.” added Shrinivas Chaphalkar, COO,

The platform will also introduce more features in the bot soon, which will allow it to alert users on new venues that might be relevant to them.

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