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Nitin Gadkari Says, India must shift to sustainable options – EV
He adds that India is going to have electric vehicle costs equal to fuel ones in two years.

In the recent 2021 Auto car event, Indian transport and road minister, Nitin Gadkari stated the need for India to shift to better productive options.

Nitin Gadkari is a businessman and minister of roads and transportation. He started to shine in politics as the youngest president in the party Shri Nitin Gadkari. His interest in other options for fuel cars started early on. In the car event, he suggested different better options alongside transportation.

Last year, in October 2020 Gadkari insisted that the local manufacturers shouldn’t depend on foreign countries for parts. Later, in February 2021, Gadkari brought the need to have all government officials have EV in Delhi.

The trouble with importing crude oil

In the event, he said, “We must understand that the country is struggling with the huge problem of importing up to Rs 8,00,000 crore (US$ 108 billion) of crude oil every year, which is pushing us back economically. That aside, rising pollution is an even bigger concern with states such as New Delhi grappling with it.”

Gadkari also added that the government is in contact with R&D from the expert education institutes. Their focus on Lithium-ion batteries is going to make electric cars affordable and convenient.

Gadkari has ambitious goals for India, to make it fully electric.

The event

The winner of the event was Mahindra Thar, Car of the year 2021. Furthermore, Royal Enfield Meteor 350 won the best bike award. Other major cars, including electric vehicles, hybrid cars, and bikes were all encouraged and supported throughout the event.

In premium cars, Hyundai i20 and Kia Carnival were show stoppers. Many won the awards despite the pandemic. Interestingly, they were able to manage the manufacturing sector, by coping up with new trends alongside COIV-19 pecautions.

On the final note, Gadkari ended his talk with, “My suggestion is that we must switch to import-substituting, cost-effective, pollution-free and indigenous propulsion options.”

The government is going to focus on other fuel options, which are renewable and cheaper options for the public. India would cut enormous costs and efforts on crude only if electric vehicles were to fully replace, as Gadkari said. Recent documents reveal the scheme planned by the central government also revealed how much the Indian government is focussing on electric vehicles.

In every populated country, field-based cars are the roots reasons behind the worse air pollution situations. Though if you consider the government to follow the scheme only to cut costs, having EV in India is added benefit in terms of development and sustainability.




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