ola ev
Ola's Electric Scooter Model

Ola ready to take its e-scooter to international markets

ola ev
Ola’s Electric Scooter Model

Ola looks all set to take its electric scooter to the International Markets which includes countries like France, Italy, Germany and many more in the upcoming economic year, said a high level company executive.

With the launch of the electric scooter by Ola, the company is already on the right path to fulfil its global vision of moving mobility into a more sustainable, accessible and connected future.

The company, although is gonna export its scooter into the global market and expand its market area, the priority is however gonna be given to India as Ola is an Indian company.

Ola is currently working on a setting up a ‘Hypercharger Network’ for its brand new electric scooters. The company announced that soon the electric scooters will be launched for the market starting in India in July 2021.

While talking about this in a statement, Ola Chairman and Group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said that- “We are going to be launching internationally…this financial year itself, we will be selling internationally also. We start with India first but soon, we move into international markets with a focus on Europe,”

CEO Aggarwal also said that Ola will be selling their scooters across all the key in Europe. He said for them the key markets are the big countries particularly the ones who locate themselves around the Mediterranean Sea, like France, Italy. Even Germany is a considerably good market. UK is good market, Spain is a great market

For now the company has just announced that they will be launching the electric scooters in July this year. The company has not yet disclosed any further details about this like pricing of the e-scooter or its features, etc. When asked about further details, Aggarwal declined to comment on the profits and income expectations from the EV business. Instead he just said that the company is confident that the product will be liked by consumers.

Just last year, Ola had announced that they will be investing a total of ₹2,400-crore to set up its very first electric scooter factory in the state of Tamil Nadu. Once the factory is built and all ready to open for work and manufacturing, it will open doors for nearly 10,000 jobs and will become the world’s largest scooter manufacturing facility that will initially have an annual capacity of production of 2 million electric scooter pieces.

Aggarwal also mentioned that the company might consider to start producing electric cars in the future as well. Talking about this, he said- “This network, the Hypercharger Network is focused on two-wheelers. In due course, we will expand this network to four-wheelers also, when our four wheeler products come out in a couple of years,”