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Online payment methods that are popular in india

The rise of the internet has been life-changing for people who are living all over India.

Internet access has proven revolutionary for a lot of families, making a variety of things in life much easier and faster than they were before.

Making payments is one of the departments where this is the case, with the internet speeding up the process and saving people plenty of time as a result.

A variety of online payment methods can be used in India at sites such as online casinos, but here are some of the most popular options in the country right now


E-wallets are up there with the main ways to make online payments in India these days.

Skrill is without a doubt one of the top e-wallets that is available to use in India, with rupees one of the many currencies that are handled by the company.

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill can be used with a huge array of online merchants in India, including for gambling via the internet.

Skrill joined the Paysafe Group a few years ago, ensuring it is regarded as one of the most safe and secure online payment methods in India.

A mobile app is also offered by Skrill to make it even easier to use this online payment option.


Considered to be the major rival of Skrill in the world of e-wallets for a long time, Neteller is now also part of the Paysafe Group these days.

Neteller has been in operation for more than 20 years, so the company certainly knows the online payments industry inside out.

Accounts with Neteller can be set up in 26 major currencies and rupees are among them. 

This means that using Neteller ensures people can avoid falling foul of India’s strict rules relating to currency conversion.

Net+ prepaid cards can also be received by signing up to Neteller, giving Indians another good option for when they need to pay for goods and services online.


One of the newer online payment methods available to use in India is cryptocurrencies.

While Bitcoin is by far the most famous cryptocurrency in the world – it recently hit its highest value since the start of 2018 – some other options in this field can now be used for online payments in India as well.

One of the main reasons to consider using a cryptocurrency is safety and security. People using cryptocurrencies do not have to share personal or financial information with the merchant.

Payments made to and from online accounts such as casinos using cryptocurrencies are also instant, so players get their hands on their winnings very quickly.

Debit and credit cards

Sometimes the traditional payment methods are still the easiest ones to use in India.

The vast majority of people in the country have access to either a debit or a credit card, meaning this will be the most obvious way to pay for goods or services online.

With debit cards linked directly to bank accounts, there is no need to use another service such as an e-wallet.

Credit cards can also help people to improve their credit score, as long as they are diligent enough to pay off the full debt at the end of each month.

VISA and Mastercard are the two main providers of debit and credit cards in the world.


Some Indians may prefer to use a locally-based online payment option, rather than a global e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller.

This puts Paytm towards the top of the list of their best options for online payments, with the company having been founded around a decade ago.

One of the best things about using Paytm for online payments is the fact that the service is available in more than 10 different Indian languages. This is not the case for a lot of the other popular online payment options that can be used in India, which makes Paytm appealing.

Paytm is now said to be valued at more than $10 billion, with the company – which was set up by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in Noida – one of the biggest Indian success stories of modern times.

Online bank transfers

Last but not least are online bank transfers, which many Indians find are the easiest way to move their money around online.

As long as people have access to the internet, online banking is probably the best way to manage their money and bank accounts.

Online bank transfers can be a little slow, though, which is a downside of using them for some payments such as withdrawals from a betting site or an online casino.

In terms of safety and security, however, using online bank transfers is widely considered to be one of the top online payment methods in India.



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