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Bitcoin makes new high since January 2018

Bitcoin has been making new highs after Paypal announced that it would enable the option to use it for payments. In 2017, Bitcoin rose till $20,000 but fell down very quickly too. But now, the rise is very constant, and there is good hope for the crypto-currency. It is also interesting to see how the currency is doing well amidst the pandemic and the US elections. Joe Biden nearing victory might also be a reason for the rising prices of the cryptocurrency.

The rise in Bitcoin prices

Since Joe Biden has been closing near his presidential Victory, Bitcoin prices have surged by 10%. The stock prices of tech companies are also rising very quickly with Biden’s victory closing over. It is for sure that Bitcoin is not going anywhere and is bound to stay. The liquidity crisis that raised in 2008 might not be a thing with digital currencies racing ahead.

Bitcoin makes new high

Image Source: Bitcoin News

With the increasing prices of the currency and the statement from Paypal to make it available on their platform in 2021, investors have high hopes in the currency. The currency that was once not given any form of validation is now being considered an asset.

The entire price jumps of the cryptocurrency are due to market manipulation. It is still being treated as a way to make some cash and not as a real currency. But, once Bitcoin becomes the next regular currency, it will also be treated as a long term investment and will be regulated.

Have you ever invested in Bitcoin and made money. I definitely think for one can make huge money by investing in the same. And once it becomes more widespread, we might see less market manipulation. What are your thoughts on the fact that Bitcoin makes new high? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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