Online Teaching is the Future

Digitalization is a digital transformation that can be explained as incorporating digital technologies into business and social processes. This shift adds more ease and cost-effectiveness making it a convenient option. And though we aimed at digitalizing and were taking steps towards it, online teaching was a sector that was still remotely explored. We were so satisfied with the traditional setting that the thought of a shift in that sector was the last in our minds. We mostly consider that a humanized experience is necessary when it comes to education.  

However, in the past two years, we have witnessed a digital shift around us in every sector. The pandemic changed quite a few things in our lives and created some ‘new norms’, one of which was the transition to online teaching platforms. The hesitation of getting out of the house during the pandemic gave birth to this suiting alternative. By the virtue of the fast-growing digital world, we might have anticipated it in the near future in some of the sectors, so sure it wasn’t completely unwelcome, but it still was unexpected and a shock that stirred up our lives. Hence, like every other change, this one too has its share of highs, and lows.    

The Highs and Positives

Technology has always made things easier, and the digital shift has saved us from going to a standstill. From the companies to schools, it is all still effectively working and that’s a huge gain. 

The use of online platforms for teaching has made education a lot more accessible and widespread, as there are no bounds or restrictions to learning anymore. Regardless of your age, your status, or your geographical location, you can now acquire any skill or information from any corner of the world. Sitting in Delhi, you could learn from the best maths tutor Melbourne has to offer. All you would need is a computer or even a mobile device and the internet, which in fact is something that each one of us has in today’s day. Even in the remotest areas most either have the availability of unlimited data packs on their smartphones or wifi in homes or public places. Hence, breaking all bounds or limitations to not only creating connections but acquiring and imparting knowledge as well from across the globe. And with the right methods and approaches used, live classes are just as impactful as the traditional method. 

This convenience has proven to gravitate more people towards the platform, so much that 68% of Indian teachers attest that video sharing is a desirable feature and helps learn better. And studies also show that it requires 40-60% less employee time to learn something online than otherwise. Hence, even most of the industries nowadays choose to conduct their training via this mode.


Is it here to stay?

With the recent Indian budget plan including clauses of technology advancements, and providing more resources to enhance online education, it has cryptically confirmed that the change isn’t a temporary setting and rather is here to stay. And most importantly alongwith normalizing e-learning, digital degrees have also grown to be something that most companies and institutions now accept. We find ourselves heading towards a change where most institutes accept and offer e-degrees around the world, some big names include the University of Leeds, Monash University, Johns Hopkins University, and more. While in India, UGC has approved 38 universities to offer full-fledged online degree courses, Amity University being the first amongst them. The paperless world that we visionize isn’t all that far with the growing digital aid. And with the right support and resources, this might result in being a lot more beneficial for everyone.     

Challenges Faced 

Sadly, not all are favored with the right resources to carry out the functions easily. This has caused some students to miss out on their school learning completely for about 2 years. And with the e-learning platforms in India being quite new and unpopular, others faced a hard time until they could finally hit a cord. 

However, it’s still a little wearisome for coaching institutes and tutors, as the biggest impact was faced by them. For, alongwith the resources being limited, most educators were also not qualified enough to carry-out this change.

Like Dr. Manasmitha Das of Wings Academy said, 

In 2018 I came back to India to help students and share my experience and expertise with them, but unfortunately the pandemic broke and online teaching hasn’t been a very easy job.”

Many other teachers too faced a similar trial, as adapting to a completely new set-up is already a challenge and the added sword of delivering right for their students who rely on them just made things more complicated. And thus, platforms like Winuall are coming up with supportive online teaching software to help make the task easier for them, and provide them with the understanding of the right online teaching tools

What can make it an easier ride for online tutors?

To bring about a positive change in the teaching industry, the teachers have to find the right work-life balance inorder to be well-rested and thereby work more efficiently. And for that, they need to try and understand the technology better and make it easier for themselves to conduct live classes online, assess students, and other tasks. And while our advancing digital world has an app for each of these, juggling from one to another can be an added dilemma. Hence, sites like Winuall provide you with an all-in-one, ready-to-use online teaching app and website in your own brand name (for your visibility is as important). This app for the classroom comes with the features like live classes, a store for online courses (for you to sell courses online to your and other students), batch and attendance management, quiz module, fee module, parent module, and more.   

And for more information, you could also easily contact their team and get the required assistance to become an online tutor.


In Conclusion

Changes might not be easiest, but it’s truly said that “change is the only constant”, and with the right approach and aid it’s not all that hard to make the most of it!