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The plant based nutrition brand OZiva receives an amount of $ 12 million as funds in the series B funding. The company has therefore targeted a great amount in order to expand its product portfolio. To get into more details let’s get into the entire strategy ahead.



Health is wealth and Oziva took it quite seriously by offering complete range of healthy products that could give you the results of a professionalized regime.

The brand OZiva came into existence into 2016. The founders are Aarti Gill and Mihir Gadani. It caters to the importance of organic plant-based products for fitness & general wellness. They offer products for following categories like:


  • Women’s Fitness
  • Men’s Fitness
  • Skin Nutrition
  • Hair Nutrition
  • Kids Nutrition
  • Vitamins & Minerals

The brand focuses at offering customized & personalized fitness consultations with proper focus at individual’s nutritional content. Their major competitors are GNC, Amway and all the unbranded supplements offered.

The company in last month gained a reputation of being the first clean nutrition brand that is certified by Clean Label Project.



The company has two major investors which are Matrix Partners & F-Prime Capital.

The company recently raised $ 12 million in series B funding that was collaboratively led by Eight roads ventures. The strategy ahead suggest that the company would expand its employee base plus its geographical base in order to gain a more competitive market base.A new manufacturing unit could be expected to set up in Himachal Pradesh as per the founders.


“We have closely tracked the large yet under-penetrated consumer health category, looking for companies with the focus and capabilities to disrupt the sector,” said Eight Roads Ventures’ India principal Ashish Venkataramani.


The company’s revenue has multiplied four times in 2020 and it has touched the magical figure of Rs. 100 crore so far.

The bar now set by the company is Rs. 500 crore within the coming span of three years.

The most noticeable fact about the brand is that its 70-80% customers are women due to which they try constantly to reach them out with a innovative product that could help them get what they desire from a beauty or a fitness product.

Last year; we witnessed a vegan trend.

It brought a shift in the thinking of non-vegetarians.

A similar shift has been in the minds of people regrading every other thing.

They search for organic or plant formulations.

They have understood the underlying fact that dirt can never make anything healthy.

Therefore; chemicals are to be eliminated from the crucial spaces like nutrients, fitness and beauty. Brands like Oziva have tried to capture this sentiment and surprisingly they have gained support from partners who are major players in their domains.

Awareness towards environment & sustainability has brought this change especially in India where people really contribute a significant amount of hard work & resources to maintain their health.

Oziva Products have become parameters of how much contribution do you actually give to your health in the righteous manner. The expansion justifies it in the most logical sense.



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