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Now Smart-Pan Will Enhance Your Cooking Skills


26 March, 2016, USA: Cooking is not a tough nut to crack for those who have developed a hobby out of it but for the people who are not very comfortable with it, it is like conquering the Mount Everest. Now, ‘Pantelligent’ has taken a task to enhance the cooking skills of beginners, the combination of smartpan and app will enable the user to prepare mouth-watering delicacies and that to without any professional assistance. The main idea behind Pantelligent is to keep the guess work on the side line and let the smartpan guide the user.

As the Pantelligent people put it: “Our app uses data from the pan to adjust the recipe in real-time—just like a seasoned chef.” The pan works with the combination of Bluetooth and a mobile app, temperature sensors installed in the pan send data to the app via Bluetooth. Sensing the real-time temperature in the pan, the app walks the user through the recipes such as mushroom risotto and ‘perfect bacon,’ telling the user when, for example, to flip the bacon, and when that bacon is done.

Apart from judging the temperature of the pan, Pantelligent also performs various other cooking tasks such as controlling the heat, adding the ingredients, maintaining the water level if required etc.




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