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You learn to grow & you grow while learning. The clear-cut target of today’s generation is to focus on learning in sync with the practical, innovative & more creative form of knowledge. No matter whether you are 5, 10 or 50; your learning needs to be more dynamic & analytical. This is the reason that a lot of ventures have come up with a new definition of education which enhances skills and brain at the same time.

One such venture; Playshifu on Tuesday received a raise of $ 17 million. It is a learning platform that tries to aid your process with innovative mechanisms. To know more; let’s get into the matter.



The founders Vivek Goyal & Dinesh Advani came up with the idea of having such application that would eventually help the coming generation in utilizing their screen time to the best. The venture came into existence in the year 2016. It is being loved by more than 6 Lakh children across the nation.

They developed various kinds of play games that will help children to have fun & keep them engaged as well as give them a space to learn with full zeal. The popular games that they provide are:


  • Orboot (Orboot Earth, Orboot Dinos & Orboot Mars)
  • Plugo
  • Tacto

The games are designed in a manner that they provide enough support to kids at a very young age with respect to their play-full attitude. It has made the play age quite innovative & interesting. The major focus on development of STEM skills.

The company has seen a 150% growth from last year and the workforce is also increased from 60 to 115 members.



The company has announced the raise of $ 17 million which is close to Rs. 125 crore in the series B round. The current valuation stands at Rs. 480-500 crore. The round was led by the following ventures:

  • Inventus Capital
  • Inflexor Ventures
  • Chiratae Ventures
  • Bharat Innovation Fund

In series A round; Chiratae Ventures and Bharat Innovation Fund were the major participants.

The founder added to the raise that “We are proud of our team for their incredible achievements during the pandemic while working remotely for an entire year. The effort translated into a successful Series B to help take the brand to new heights in 2021 and beyond”.

The company is planning to increase the product range to 30 products. The company has a different skill set that it wants to present to its customers by the year 2022. Dinesh Advani clearly stated that “Following our extremely successful partnership launch with Walmart’s Sam’s Club, we’re excited to team up with additional U.S. retailers in 2021 and beyond to help kids build foundational, STEAM skills through fun.”


When you talk about kids; they have a playful mind and what better than reaching out to them by offering a great experience while they use their most important toy mobile phones. On an average a kid spends close to 5 hours on mobile apps; imagine what market they offer to applications like Playshifu. This funding is an opportunity to target that segment in the best possible manner.



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