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PM Modi meets leading American CEO’S with the aim of encouraging investments in India.

In an attempt to encourage more investments in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with leading American corporate leaders on Thursday. The meeting with leaders from a diverse spectrum ranging from 5G, drones, solar, etc., was carried out with the visible aim of highlighting the adroit opportunities in India which could be leveraged to make successful investments. If the reports are to be believed, the meeting was rather fruitful and perhaps, we will get to see its results manifesting in the Indian business domain very soon. Here is a tweet from the Prime Minister’s office that attests to the same.

The What, When, and Why

Investments are crucial to the development of any business sector. And the recent meetings of the PM with business leaders from various sectors underscores this point. The one-on-one meeting with the leading corporates highlighted the vast opportunities India presents and the potential for growth and success embedded in the same. The leaders PM Modi met include Shantanu Narayen from Adobe, Vivek Lall fro, General Atomics, Cristiano E Amon from Qualcomm, Mark Widmar from First Solar, and Stephen A Schwarzman from Blackstone. The discussions were particularly focused on the scope for innovation and growth in India across various sectors.

Qualcomm CEO, Cristiano Amon expressed visible interest in taking up investments in India. And the “productive interaction” might reap results in the due course. According to the post on Twitter released by the Prime Minister’s office, Amon was keen on working in areas like 5G. This is good news since 5G is on the way to becoming a highly promising area of growth. For the uninformed, Qualcomm began its operations in the year 1996 and has been specializing in operations of wireless modem, Digital media software, embedded applications, Digital media networking solutions, etc. Currently, Qualcomm has made investments in Indian companies that focus on domestic issues ranging from transportation to defense.

The PM’s meeting with Widmar mainly focused on the country’s renewable energy landscape. Unearthing and utilizing India’s solar power potential might have been the key aims of the discussion. Widmar also plans for the manufacture of solar power equipment with unique thin-film technology using the PLI scheme. Another point of focus was the integration of India into global supply chains. First Solar will prove to be of immense support in powering up India’s solar goals in the year 2022. The Prime Minister, in the course of the meeting, also mentioned the ‘One World, One sun, and One grid’ initiative.

The meeting with Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen entailed discussions about the company’s current and ongoing activities in the country and the plans for future investments. It should not be forgotten that India represents Adobe’s biggest operations after North America, in addition to serving as an innovation hub for the company.

In the discussion with General Atomics CEO, Vivek Lall, the potential of drone technology and the “path-breaking reforms” were given particular focus. Another agenda of the meeting was strengthening the defense technology sector. The year 2018 marked the opening of General Atomics’ first office in India and since then it has played a pivotal role in strengthening the India-US defense cooperation.

Investment plans were also discussed with Blackstone CEO, Stephen Schwarzman. The ongoing projects of the company in India indicate the place held y the company in the country, Let’s not forget the pivotal role played by Blackstone in launching India’s very first real estate investment trust. As of now, Blackstone has invested about USD 25 billion across various sectors ranging from private equity, fashion, packaging, education, etc.




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