Polestar’s ‘Arctic Circle’ performance EV can shred a snowy track

Polestar Arctic Circle’s dashing performance on a snowy track

Polestar Article Circle is an improvised version of Polestar 2, a performance EV made for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The company’s Swedish engineers made the vehicle be a high-riding, studded winter-tire-sporting, icy blast of winter racing prowess. Polestar is jointly owned by Volvo and Geely, making Polestar cars that have shown incredible presence in the EV market in the past year.

Polestar’s ‘Arctic Circle’ performance EV can shred a snowy track
Image credits- The Verge

The idea relies on a Polestar 2 Lengthy Vary Twin Motor, which now affords as much as 476 hp and 502 lb-ft due to a just lately introduced energy improvement. Also, the key modifications included elevating the trip top by 1.18 inches and the 19-inch OZ Racing wheels with studded winter tires, additionally softening the suspension (dampers and comes). Furthermore, strut braces had been additionally added entrance and rear to extend torsional rigidity and in consequence, enhance steering response.

Polestar chief chassis engineer and trophy-winning rally driver Joakim Rydholm are behind the design and taking the challenge to improve the accuracy of the vehicle. He said,  “With such low levels of grip, we can feel and analyze the dynamics at a much slower pace than on tarmac, which means we can really fine-tune the way our cars behave, down to the smallest details. These are my absolute favorite conditions to develop cars in.”

Winter testing program

In recent times the testing process on snow has become common. Especially as the EVs need to last during the cold weather, the batteries need to perform accordingly as well. Tesla has a test track in Alaska and Lucid Motors has one in Minesota. The idea is that their vehicles can be used in almost any weather conditions as they are working on selling their cars on a global scale.

The three-way performance dampers, supplied by Swedish suspension manufacturer Öhlins, were also tweaked to include springs that are 30 percent softer than those found in a road-going Polestar 2. According to the company, the dampers are set to nine clicks front and rear, slightly softer than the standard Polestar 2 with Performance Pack setting and feature auxiliary adjustment chambers for better traction control.

Stated, “Executed within the Arctic Circle at a latitude of over 66-degrees north, Polestar’s intense winter testing program runs annually for 15 weeks from December to March and sees teams of engineers pushing prototypes and themselves to the limit.”

Polestar warns its customers to change the setting for the one-pedal drive to “off” or “low” when driving in slippery or icy conditions. And avoid driving your car above the Arctic Circle if you can manage.