Polygon hacker might delay the return of funds to next week

If you are in the crypto industry, then you must have heard about the $600 million exploits. The attack took place on the Polygon Network on the 10th of August and was the biggest hack in the history of cryptocurrencies. But luckily, the hacker was not here for the money and just wanted to showcase the vulnerabilities in the network. This is why he has been returning the funds slowly. But now it seems that the Polygon hacker might delay the return of funds till next week.

Polygon hacker might delay the return of funds.

The hacker wrote on the blockchain, “YOUR ESSAYS ARE VERY CONVINCING WHILE YOUR ACTIONS ARE SHOWING YOUR DISTRUST, WHAT A FUNNY GAME”. This is why he is not happy and wants to delay the fund return. The Polygon authorities and officials have been pleading and requesting the hacker to return the funds. But in no vain, as the hacker is taking his sweet time for the same.

Polygon hacker might delay the return of funds

In fact, the Polygon network team told the hacker that users are waiting for their fund to unlock, which is why they are requesting the unlock key this week. They even agreed that this is very stressful for them and the users who have lost their funds to the attack. And until the entire amount is returned, they can’t take proper rest.

But overall this is a good thing for the network as they can actually fix something now that might have cost them a lot more in the future.

The prize for the hacker

Reports have suggested that the Polygon hacker has been offered $500,000 as a bounty if he returns all the funds. At the same time, the officials were so impressed that he has been offered the job as the Chief Security Officer. And since the hacker is not actually interested in money and just wanted to explore the security flaws, he very well might take the job. But the question is, what happens if this is just a trick for the hacker to reveal himself and get arrested. There is a chance that they will have a provision for that.

What are your thoughts on the fact that Polygon hacker might delay the return of funds? And do you think that the hacker will accept the job offer? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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