Porn Hub Account Terminated On Instagram. (Image Courtesy:
Porn Hub Account Terminated On Instagram. (Image Courtesy:

PornHub Account Terminated On Instagram

Porn Hub Account Terminated On Instagram. (Image Courtesy:
PornHub Account Terminated On Instagram. (Image Courtesy:

The Pornhub account on Instagram has been blocked permanently after blocking it temporarily for a period of three weeks in violation of guidelines. The social media site in a statement has said that the account of porn-hub has been blocked as the content policy of Instagram does not promote nudity and sexual content.

Porn Hub On Instagram

Porn hub which had 13.1 million followers and 6200 posts has however in a statement called the move of the Meta Subsidiary has been non-transparent and termed it discriminatory in nature. Porn Hub in its open letter which has been supported by more than sixty is addressed to the top four officials of the Meta.

Instagram in its letter has listed demands, asking the social media to explain its position as to why it keeps deleting its account, claiming itself to be a minority group, which put in lots of money too. Porn hub in its letter has termed the banning of accounts a violent step and termed it as a threat to the livelihood.

Objections And Allegations

Porn- hub in its letter has raised objection on how a popular actor was allowed to post the contents in violation of its policies and yet no action has been taken by the social media site. Calling the guidelines of the social media platform arbitrary, the porn hub has questioned the separate treatment. Porn-hub has also asked Instagram to come clean on the explanations as to why its account was blocked.

Instagram has expressed its displeasure over the porn hub’s video in which it had asked its users to become adult actors. It was also upset over the violations of guidelines for allegedly asking its users to ditch the social media platform account and join its account instead.

Reports bring about that Instagram keeps removing the accounts of users involved in making adult content. In some instances, users’ accounts have been removed despite them adhering to the rules and regulations. Reportedly the workers involved in making adult content are associated with Instagram to promote their work.

Instagram Clarifications

Instagram in its statement has said that it does not have a policy of segregating Instagram accounts on the basis of adult content. The social media platform clarified that it does not ban accounts only on the ground that it is being used by an adult creator.

“We do not have policies that target adult creators and we would never disable an account simply because it’s run by an adult creator — we don’t categorize accounts in this way. An adult creator may have an account provided they don’t violate our policies,” a platform spokesperson told TechCrunch.