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Pubg merges with Krafton: India launch delayed again

The launch of Pubg Mobile seems to have gotten delayed again as Pubg merges with Krafton. The company announced the merger with Krafton on Wednesday and the now the whole entity would be named Pubg Studio. As the wait for the game to come back continues, it will be interesting to see how the government reacts to the merger. Because as of now, MEITY is yet to respond to Pubg’s request for a meeting.

More about the announcement

This merger is a great thing for Pubg Mobile before the India launch. As KRAFTON is not a Chinese company, it means Pubg has properly established itself as a non-Chine company. Additionally, many other game studios have also covered into a new gaming studio called RisingWings. This makes Krafton have a total of 4 different studios that can help support PUBG Mobile and also launch new games in the market.

Pubg merges with Krafton

Image Source: The Esports Observer

Reports have suggested that the merger also means a lot of new elements can be added to the game moving forward. It will be interesting how good the merger turns out for the company, and when the game finally arrives back. As of now, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is yet to respond to the request of a meeting.

Pubg arrival date

As per the updates from the company, the game is ready to comply with all the requirements by the MEITY. It is also going to make a $100 million investment in the country to boost the gaming industry. Plus, the company has also announced a Rs 7 crore prize pool for teams and have already opened their office in Bangalore. As of now, we know that the game might come in January 2021 as the apk link testing in their website continues.

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