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PUBG Mobile India: Government releases the long waited News

Millions of Indians were waiting eagerly on any news on the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India. There were a lot of doubts about whether the app will come back or not. Also, PUBG officials declared once that Indians would have their version. These made us all think that there is a chance that maybe they will be coming back, and the Government has spoken about it. MEITY did ban the above-said app along with several other apps in the first week of September.

Government’s announcement

Shobendra Bahadur (ITS) set to be Director in MeitY

MediaNama lodged an RTI asking the Government about the arrival of the game. And recently, GEM sports have also filed such RTI on the same issue. In reply to those filed RTIs, finally, MEITY declared that they had not given any permission to relaunch PUBG Mobile India. It is quite clear now that PUBG is not returning to India, but nothing to worry about; Indian gamers are trying to develop a better game for gaming netizens out there.

Ministry of Electronics and Information technology added that allowing PUBG would mean other similar apps can rebrand and seek permission for launching again. And this cannot take place.

PUBG took steps

PUBG Mobile India

Image Source: TechRadar

Though it has been months, PUBG still tried several times to contact the Govt. of India regarding the matter. PUBG Corporation has been chasing MeiTy for a meeting to get hold of the Government. Sadly no success came their way regarding the issue. The more there is a delay in getting permission, the more the chances of the app’s relaunch reduces.

It isn’t perfect for PUBG and gamers that there won’t be a comeback in India. Keeping this in mind, Indians are trying to go with a replacement for the above-said app. FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards is a multiplayer game that isn’t launched yet in the play store, but its hype is high. As a result, the play store saw most pre-registrations take place in less than 24 hours.

The downfall of PUBG Mobile India

After Government officials of India banned the game from the play store, it seems that PUBG faced a loss of 82% active players from PC as well. If you compared the popularity in 2018 and now, no one wants to play the PC version anymore.

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