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Retailers claim Sony PS5 is not coming to India in 2020

Sony PS5 has seen a lot of demand since it launched globally. The CEO of the company even announced that it went “completely” out of stock. This left was with the question that when the new console will come to India because the launch date of the PS5 in the country hasn’t yet been announced. And now sources and retailers are claiming that PS5 won’t come to India in 2020.

Sony PS5 India launch date

Many sellers in India have been telling that the PS5 would be coming to India in January 2021. The most important part about this is that Sony has denied all such claims and says that they haven’t made any announcements yet. A spokesperson from the company said “Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has not yet announced a launch date for PS5 in India. We will share an update on a launch date for India as soon as more information becomes available; meanwhile please continue to monitor the official PlayStation channels”.

Sony PS5

Image Source: CNET

But there is another side to the launch date story. One of the retailers confirmed that they received information from Sony representatives that the PS5 is coming to India in January. But, none of them gave an official confirmation in an email when asked to. So, all this information is just verbal communication without any backing and might even very well be grapevine.

Why is there a supply crunch of the PS5?


Image Source: Glitched

Sony has been facing the supply crunch due to one major factor that is the COVID-19. Due to the pandemic factories are not able to operate at their maximum capacity. And many factories are not even active. The CEO of the company said himself that launching such a major product in the middle of the pandemic has been quite a challenge. This added to the fact that the demand is very high because of the great pricing and specs of the “next-gen” consoles also caused the supply shortage.

According to some reports about 12000-15000 units of PS5 would be required in the country to meet the initial demand. This is thrice the number of PS4 that were available in the country in 2014, which shows the massive need of the consoles.

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