Rivian R1T flood capabilities in shallow waters teased by CEO

Rivian CEO teases R1T flood capabilities, which involved shallow waters. Having a closer look, the wading depth of 3 ft doesn’t stop the electric pickup from moving forward. It is shown in a 39 seconds video shared by CEO RJ Scaringe.

Watch Rivian's R1T easily navigate through at least 3 feet of water -  Electrek
Image credits- Electrek

Backed by Amazon, Rivian is getting ready to start its deliveries by September. As they are getting closer to the date, Rivian teases the capabilities of their electric pickup, which is possibly going to be the first electric pickup to start deliveries.

The makeshift filled through water R1T takes a dip into water and doesn’t bulge, stop or slow down. Meaning the car is handling the water well. Most trucks when they go through such deep water, will be submerged and not able to move forward. They won’t be able to take in water in the truck or cabin.

Electric cars are known to take floods better than traditional vehicles fueled with gasoline or petrol. Tesla cars are popular for surviving in tough floods and saving many people. While fuel-powered cars were stuck in the water and left the passengers in danger. As there is no tailpipe, it is known that the vehicle could handle the situation very well.

Rivian R1T is specifically doing better as it is designed for outdoor adventure. The vehicle is built for tough lanes and can handle tough weather. In the video, it can be seen that the water reaches almost the top of the headlights.

Better specs for better safety

As such hazardous incidents keep happening all over the world. Being able to handle floods is also a must need feature in the coming-up vehicles. Every year as climate is changing, recording-breaking floods keep increasing. People could be at the office, home, or other locations, having a vehicle which can go through tough whether ensures they can travel safely and reach a safer place.

This year during the floods in Europe and China, electric vehicles because popular as they saved the day. Rivian plans to sell in Europe and China, so having additional features means the vehicle is ready for any market.

Rivian R1T water
Image credits- Electrek

All reservations for Rivian’s R1T and R1S were long filled in the US. Which is pushing the company to build more factories and expand globally. However, there is no saying on how the customers might feel about the vehicle. So far the customers who test drove and took a factory tour were impressed without a doubt.