Rockstar parent company Take Two says Hacker Accessed Unit 2K Games Help Desk

According to recent reports, Rockstar games recently got hacked and the company told the users not to open any mails sent by the company and if they have clicked on the link, then they must rest their passwords.


About the hack

According to reports, the hacker got access to the 2K Games Help desk and then sent inappropriate mails to the users. This way the company told the users not to open their emails and reset their passwords as soon as possible. The company’s support portal will stay offline till they are able to get to the bottom of this. “We will issue a notice when you can resume interacting with official 2K help desk emails,” it added. There has also been news that a hacker leaked footage of one of their games. When Reuters approached the company to confirm the news, the company did not respond. The hacker who called himself Teapot slyly got inside the slack channel used by Rockstar employees. After that, he convinced them to share their credentials for access. Once he got access, the hacker stole a lot of information which included data from an extremely popular game designed by the company.


Possible consequences of this hack

The possible consequences of this hack are that the employee who shared his credentials could end up losing his/her job. It was because of this employee that the hacker was able to get access to the personal data and information of the company. The game being designed by the company , Grand Theft Auto VI can be affected in a harsh way. The developers might have to rework it and release it at a later date. This can prove to be a disappointment for the fans who have been waiting for this game to release impatiently. After this hack, The person who developed this game would have felt dejected. His hard work was all destroyed in a matter of seconds. It takes a lot of hours and planning to make a game that the users will love and appreciate. To again start from scratch or think of new ideas because someone hacked your system is extremely difficult. There has been news that the hacker Teapot has been blackmailing Rockstar, millions of dollars in exchange for the information. It is one of the largest hits seen by a game-making company. The lesson from this episode is that companies need to keep their systems as secure as possible and instruct their employees never to disclose company-related information.