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Saints Row reboot trailer gives a glimpse of gameplay

Saints Row reboot

Credit @ Volition

The developer Volition unveiled a new direction for Saints Row and its chaotic open-world gangster game series. The next entry, unveiled at Gamescom 2021, will send players to the Southwest-inspired city of Santo Ilseo, which will be the largest world to feature in a Holy Row game.

Volition, the American game studio Volition, announced a reboot of its St. Row adventure franchise. Originally due for release next year, a new game is also planned. The studio announced the new game Saints Row on Gamescom, but game details are scarce, and some fans fear it won’t have the charm of previous installments. The Saints Row reboot will be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, and Epic Games Store on February 25, 2022.

After the whole dislike of mayhem on the announcement, trailer Volition decided to release a new gameplay video titled ‘Welcome to You: Santo Ilseo’ showcasing the new Saints Row Reboot. Series developer Volitions gave a first preview of what to expect from the new entry in the franchise at the opening night of the Gamescom.


In the new video, narrator Bryce Charles and the Volition team discuss how the reboot will take players to a brand new city, a new cast of characters, and a gameplay – film trailer for the first time since the CG unveiling trailer at Gamescom. On several YouTube channels, including the official PlayStation and Xbox Reboot Saints Row channels, the trailer for the game announcement was flooded with dislikes. At the moment, the trailer for the upcoming game has the highest number of dislikes of any trailer for one of the three versions: the official Saints Row channel, the Xbox channel, and the PlayStation channel on YouTube.

The trailer on PlayStation and Xbox channels is 50% and 54% positive, while on the Saints Row channel the trailer is 39% positive, suggesting that the Saints fan base is more supportive of the reboot than the general video game community. When our calculations add up, the trailer for the upcoming game in its three versions – on the official Saints Row Channel, Xbox Channel, and PlayStation Channel on YouTube – has been viewed over a million times and shared over 33,500 likes and 35,900 dislikes. Of the three most viewed versions of the debut trailer for the reboot of Saints Row, the official PlayStation YouTube channel, and the official Xbox channel, the official channel has the most dislikes and more likes which is not normal for YouTube engagement.

Saints Row reboot

Credit @ Volition

In many ways, the Saints Row remake looks well on its way back to the basic formula in which a quartet of budding criminals are returned to a new location with returning characters and organizations from earlier entries in the series. However, the new trailer for the series which spans in a way that is almost a complete reboot in the uncharted territory has caused some controversy, with returning fans criticizing the trailer for tonal differences, character design and claims that the game appears to have forgotten what made Saints Row unique in the first place. While I suspect some fans were hoping for a reboot that would bring the show back to the style of Sacred Series 2 and approach the absurdity of the open crime drama, it’s hard to blame the show or the team for concluding that it was time to mix things up.

I’ve never been a big fan of CGI trailers that don’t give any indication of the actual gameplay, but I’m excited to see if Modern Day Saints will keep some of the old Saints Row Tomfoolery. The popularity of CG debutants who do not present gameplay is in this particular case annoying, and I think it can be said with certainty that Saints Row has not put its best foot forward when it comes to selling new ideas, new characters, new worlds, or creating a game that exploits its best qualities. The unveiling trailer shows many of Santo Ileso’s characters and weapons.


It didn’t help that little gameplay was shown at Gamescom, but anyway, Volition did release a new gameplay trailer. Voice boss Bryce Charles presented a seven-minute gameplay video in which he broke down the game and described the new Saints Row as the biggest and best playground in the series you can see in the video above.

The first trailer for the Saints Row Reboot shows the new gang of young characters trying to take control of a new area of the show. For those unfamiliar with Saints Row, the first game was a crazy version of Grand Theft Auto which cast you as an aspiring criminal in a town and caused all of the ways to the top. One YouTuber said that his friends in his gang didn’t sound creepy when they said this, but I guess in this game the characters are all saints, even if they look like they’ve never committed a crime in their lives.

The game revolves around a new gang and takes place in the fictional town of Santo Ileso, inspired by the American Southwest. The Volition team has taken a deep look at the new game that explores Santo Ileso and the Southwest and the people in it. Volition is set in the city of Santos and says the new series will have nine unique districts and a new cast of characters to interact with.



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