Samsung, Google & Qualcomm to build a Mixed Reality Platform
Samsung, Google & Qualcomm to build a Mixed Reality Platform Image Credits: TradeDog

Samsung, Google & Qualcomm to build a Mixed Reality Platform
Trio tech giant, Samsung, Google and Qualcomm will be working together to build a Mixed Reality Platform, do checkout:

Technological behemoth Samsung According to rumors, Google and Qualcomm are working together to develop a new Mixed Reality platform, the next futuristic technological platform. Suppose you’ve been keeping up with the leaks. In that case, you may have noticed that numerous tech companies, like Apple, Meta, and even Google, have been working separately to make their initial forays into the worlds of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Along with this, several new products are being released by Meta, including the VR Meta Quest headset. Additionally, there are updates about Apple’s efforts to create their own new Apple Mixed Reality Headset.

Since every business is making an effort to work independently and develop its next great thing. The triad of technological titans includes well-known brands like Samsung According to reports, Google and Qualcomm have teamed up and will work together.

This indicates that the three businesses will pool their resources, including their computer expertise and other prerequisites for the creation of the new Mixed Reality platform.

To be clear, this is not a Mixed Reality headset; rather, it is a platform that you can access and use in conjunction with your Mixed Reality equipment. Don’t you think this sounds intriguing? Here, we have all the latest information for you:

Samsung, Google & Qualcomm – Mixed Reality Platform

On the same stage where Samsung’s TM Roh, Google’s Hiroshi Lokheimer, and Qualcomm’s Cristiano Amon appeared together during the most recent Galaxy Unpacked event, we got to meet the three companies’ top executives.

The boundaries between our real and virtual worlds are being blurred as we try to usher in a brand-new era of extremely integrated virtual experiences. We have always had the groundwork to turn this potential into reality leveraging our Snapdragon XR technology, Samsung’s incredible devices, and Google experiences,” Amon remarked on stage.

What will this Mixed Reality Platform be used for, then? describing the company’s vision for mixed reality and its goal.

One of the participating tech behemoths, Samsung, has provided an update, stating that although the company’s statement to introduce a Mixed Reality platform is still in the declaratory stage, it would shortly be bringing its talent pool to work on developing this Mixed Reality platform.

Then there is Google, which has expressed interest in both VR and augmented reality. Google, though, appears to be striving to provide both hardware and cutting-edge software for the forthcoming platform.

Then there is Qualcomm, who is reportedly going to donate its hardware knowledge as well. Qualcomm will supply a strong chipset that will be able to power the computers needed to run the new Mixed Reality platform. For those who may not be aware! An excellent new website has already been launched by Qualcomm that will focus on delivering more power and efficiency.