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Sarv.com – Creating connections since 2011

Email marketing is one of the most prominent ways in the world of digital marketing. Not only it helps you reach millions of customers and readers, but email marketing also allows you to build your credibility, which in turn enables you to create excellent customer relationships.

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This is the story of a company that started as an email marketing tool – Sarv.com

History –

Sarv.com is an idea of 2 curious and intuitive minds, Ramesh Choudhary and Abhimanyu Sharma. They first come up with this idea in their post-graduation days, and then in 2011, they decided to introduce Sarv to the world as an email marketing tool.

Growth and changes are a part of a journey. Sarv started its voyage as an email marketing tool and now has developed into an AI unified cloud telephony solution. Sarv had a great ride in the past nine years. They encountered several ups and downs and have grown by a lot with those experiences.

On the one hand, Ramesh is the mind working with the tech and marketing department. On the other, Abhimanyu is the mind that makes strategies for products and software development.

They help in running the company along with Sushil Mehla, the co-founder and director of Sarv.com, who also looks after the strategies to keep the graph of the company upwards.

Inspiration – 

When they thought of a business, they pondered on how it grows. The conclusion they reached was the best customer experience. This is what motivated them to build a business that will help other companies in creating the best customer experience.

The most effective way to create an ideal relationship with the customer is to make sure that they feel connected. Hence, they came with the idea of automation of communication medium, and as a result, Sarv.com was born.

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The uniqueness they possess is the integration of technology like AI with the automation systems. The company is not just making these systems smart but more efficient and driven toward results.

Competition – 

Competition is necessary for a company to grow and surpass their limits. Today, every business has to put on their best game to survive. Every company poses a unique feature that is trying to thrive based on that. 

But rather than focusing on others, their main focus was to create a better customer experience, which provided them with an extra edge. 

Challenges faced in the past and lessons for future – 

In its initial days, Sarv faced the problem of resources. It was hard to work under the limitation of various supports. It was almost like wrestling with one hand tied to the back. The constraints, obviously the journey troublesome, but they kept moving forward. They kept on building the company while expanding their team with the people who share the same will and vision.

The two significant mottoes that kept them going were ‘Never Say No’ and ‘Client Satisfaction.’ Based on this belief, they have successfully traveled and expanded for nine long years and continue to do so.

The journey of Sarv.com – 

Sarv.com started the roller coaster ride as an email automation tool in 2011. They moved forward with time and kept updating themselves. To give the best customer service, they kept on offering various services. They were as follow:

  • 2011: Started as Email Service Provider
  • 2013: Added Bulk SMS, Voice Broadcasting and Expansion of team
  • 2015: Cloud Telephony, Call Center, CRM Integration Joined Us
  • 2017: Added Automations, Customised Solution, Autodialer, Smart Broadcasting
  • 2019: AI and Data Science Integration


The constant upgrades helped them to assemble a great team and adding several customers in their base. Currently, they have more than 72,000 clients who trust them and their commitments.

Strengths –

A company moves forward when its strengths overcome its weaknesses. Various factors which helped Sarv in their journey – 

  • Morals: The moral of never saying ‘No’ to a customer is something that strengthens the spirit and allows them to create a loyal customer base.
  • Team: The members of an organization play a vital role in deciding how far they will go. Having assembled a crew of great professionals helped Sarv through the massive competition. These individuals become the backbone of the company and help it to move ahead.
  • Relations: Sarv believes that customer relations are the first step towards creating a better customer experience. They have focused on building a deep relationship with the clients by providing them with the best of services.

Addressable market and underlying opportunity-

The company has two primary focuses – SMEs and Big Enterprises/Brands. They have two separate teams to manage these segments separately. 


India is a vast market for all kinds of industries, and with time it has grown bigger and better. Still, many marketing personals are using old conventional methods of communication. Sarv will look forward to assisting them in using technology to boost their businesses and make communication smooth, effective, and efficient.



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