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Sea of Stars Has Been Delayed Into 2023

Indie developer Sabotage Studios, known for its stellar action-platformer The Messenger, has announced it has delayed the release of its next role-playing game, Sea of Stars, until 2023. It is been over two years since the indie game development team Sabotage Studio announced it was going to release Sea of Stars, a turn-based, classic action RPG that looks similar to the game’s predecessor The Messenger. The games are actually quite different from each other, but thus far, Sabotage Studio’s nigh-dreamy turn-based RPG Sea of Stars looks like it is an even more assured follow-up than The Messenger.

Sea of Stars

Credit @ Sabotage Studios

Sea of Stars is a follow-up to The Messenger which is one of the best PlayStation Plus Premium platformers you can play right now and has the self-appointed mission to modernize narrative, environmental interactions, and turn-based combat. At the same time, Sea of Stars attempts to modernize formulas of classic JRPGs such as Chrono Trigger in a variety of ways, like by implementing seamless transitions from exploration to combat.

Sea of Stars occupies an entirely different genre, as Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG, as opposed to a sidescrolling beat-em-up, as The Messenger was. Sea of Stars was first announced in 2020 and was given its initial 2022 release window in the Nintendo Direct this past December.


Taking to Twitter, Sabotage Studio announced Sea of Stars would now be released at some point in 2023 although Sabotage is still looking at the possibility of publishing a playable chunk of the game in 2022. Developer Sabotage Studio says they are working on getting you that playable part of Sea of Stars sometime this year, so it is still very possible that you could get to try a demo for a piece of the game in 2022, though you would not play a full version.

They stated in a statement “Keeping in mind the two primary priorities for Sabotage Studio the quality of life of our team, and the quality of finished games we are now confident to announce that Sea of Stars Stars will release sometime in 2023”.

That is, Sabotage is also looking into options for getting out a playable chunk of their RPG this year. According to a statement, the developer is looking into potential options to make it possible to make a playable slice of Sea of Stars available for players this year, ahead of the game’s official launch next year.  We’ll be sure to look out for more updates surrounding the Sea of Stars and keep you updated.



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