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Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Secretly Working on Airship

sergey brin airship

26 April 2017, USA:

Google co-founder Sergey Brin is secretly building his own giant airship inside a NASA hangar. (His own, yes-not for Google!) As per the Bloomberg report, the airship which bears the shape and looks of a zeppelin is housed at NASA’s Ames research facility.

Brin likes aeronautics, however, and has reportedly enjoyed the comforts of a Google corporate “party plane” for air travel in the past as per the report by TechCrunch. Airships, in particular, are a keen subject of interest for Brin, something he picked up by visiting NASA’s nearby Ames Research Center and checking out old photos of the USS Macon, one of the Navy’s few operational airships, which crashed off the coast of Big Sur in 1935 during a storm.

The report further states that Sergey Brin’s airship is already taking shape inside one of the hangars at NASA Ames Research Center. It is also reported that a metal skeleton of the airship has been constructed by engineers and it fills up almost the entire hangar. (Image- thefamouspeople.com)

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