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Shopclues Reveals Reseller Platform ‘EzoNow’

Clues Network Pvt Ltd, that owns and operates the e-commerce marketplace platform Shopclues has now revealed EzoNow, its first social reseller platform. The movie is also expected to enable the firm to grab a big pie of the online reseller space currently projected at around $48-$60. Clues Network Private Limited is merely known for successfully bringing Bharat that is the tier 3, 4 and behind the market, online through its e-commerce platform, Shop clues.

The company revealed an EzoNow in the month of January 2019 and has also been since garnered a significant following the growing reseller community of India.

“EzoNow empowers the community to earn from their homes with zero investment. As part of this initiative, we provide our vendors and the reseller community with additional avenues to enable them to earn more. Every seller can manage their own website, products, orders, and commissions, entirely through the app. This launch is in sync with our brand strategy to reach out to, and empower the Real Bharat,” said Sanjay Sethi, CEO & Co-Founder, Clues Network.

According to the report as of now, the top sellers on the EzoNow earn around INR 80000 per month by sharing the products like the accessories, clothing and home décor with the help of their network.

Source: EzoNow



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