“Should I still marry him?” asks a woman, after her fiance was fired from his job at Microsoft

Tech businesses’ firing of employees recently has garnered much media attention. Techies who had been unexpectedly fired rushed to social media to describe the life-altering experience and the unheard-of effects of their new employment situation. In the wake of news of layoffs, one woman turned to social media to ask internet users for advice on a crucial life issue. She wanted to know if she should marry her fiance, who was just fired from Microsoft.

The woman said that their wedding was scheduled for February 2023 and that it was an arranged union. She penned, “Should I still get married to my fiancé, who lost his job due to Microsoft layoffs?”

She also said that her family knew her soon-to-be partner’s employment situation. “I am not sure if I should still marry him,” the woman wrote.
User @AbbakkaHypatia posted a screenshot of the woman’s tweet on Twitter. Mixed responses were given to the post. Some people found it ludicrous, while others found it funny.

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When someone used the word “upcoming husband,” they couldn’t help but giggle. “It seems like an upcoming husband,” the user said. One individual wrote, “How easy the decision is when no heart is involved.”

Groom was working as a software developer in Microsoft

The Twitter user posted the woman’s enquiry and a screenshot of the answer. Three solutions were offered to the couple in the response. The first required the man to get employment as quickly as feasible. The second option proposed that the woman wed the man because he would receive a sizable severance package from the business. The third resolution required the woman to declare herself a “hypocrite.”

A few days ago, this young woman was married. The groom works for Microsoft as a software developer. In February, a date was decided upon. However, the cutbacks cost him his job. He has a vacancy right now. Should he continue to wed him? Should the marriage be dissolved if not? The teenager published on social media. She sought assistance because she was unsure about what course to take.

Online users on her message shared various thoughts. When the heart isn’t involved in making decisions, a netizen wrote, it’s simple to do so. It was too much of a comedy, another online user jokingly said.

Another person offered her three options.

1. Looking forward to his finding an excellent job soon.

2. Marrying a happy woman because Microsoft pays him well

3. Declare that you are a hypocrite and annul the marriage. He answered. A different internet user retorted that such an event shouldn’t even occur in Pagoda.