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Should you buy Mivi Collar Flash? Here is the complete review!
If you are looking for the most efficient wireless earbuds under Rs.1000 then Mivi Collar Flash can be a wonderful alternative, here is a detailed review with a final decision.

Should you buy Mivi Collar Flash? Here is the complete review!

Should you buy Mivi Collar Flash? Here is the complete review!
Image Credits: Feelmusic

You can use Mivi Collar Flash easily while your gym or running. This is a great alternative to work with less than 1000 rupees. Mivi launched a new neckband called Collar Flash in their Collar Series of India. We used this Rs 999 caller flash for the last two days. What about the Mivi Coller Flash’s everyday use? What are its advantages and disadvantages? You will check out the following sections if you are seeking a full evaluation for Mivi Collar.

Specifications for Mivi Collar Flash

Specifications for Mivi Collar Flash

Specifications for Mivi Collar Flash Image Credits: Cash Mint

  • 10mm Audio Driver
  • AVRCP, A2DP, HSP, and HFP audio profile support
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual pairing support
  • Up to 24 hours battery life
  • Fast charging support
  • Powerful sound
  • MEMS microphone

Contents Inside Mivi Collar Flash Box

  • Mivi Collar Flash
  • Charging Cable
  • Extra Silicone Gel Tips
  • Paperworks

Comfort & Use:

Mivi Collar Flash

Mivi Collar Flash features 10nm audio driver  Image Credits: Cash Mint

It weighs around 30 g. So simple to carry and doesn’t slip over your neck. The palms are also lightweight. May users claimed to have no feeling of discomfort or agony over my long life. It doesn’t need to be washed very often as it is dustproof and sweatproof.

Track navigation, call management, and voice assistant play is easy. It’s easy. The multi-function button is responsive. The volume buttons are also adaptable. The form, volume up and down the MFB, buttons, So, if you spend time with Collar Flash, it would be better to become used to it.

The dual pairing function supports Collar Flash. With the MFB it is easy to switch between devices. Apart from that, calls are ignored, microphone mute and other features are permitted. To ignore the incoming call, you should press and hold the MFB for a second. Just double press the MFB to silence the microphone.

Quality and Design:

Mivi Collar Flash Quality

Mivi Collar Flash
Image Credits: Cash Mint

For long-term use, it is necessary to create a wireless neckband, because you need to keep it hanging around your neck. To shape the new Collar Flash, Mivi employs strong plastic. The neckband has this ability by default as plastic material resists slash and dusts a little. It is rated IPX4, too. You don’t have to worry anymore about perspiration or dust.

The volume buttons and the multi-function Button with the LED notification and the microphone are located at the right end of the band. The buttons are clicky and responsive, yet virtually identical in all three forms. The consequence is that the up/down volume or the multi-function button gets a bit tough to differentiate. But it’s going to be all right after utilizing it for a while.

Only the buttons can be found on the load port. Let yourself be aware; this is a port for MicroUSB. Users reported having no issue with regard to the pricing. In addition, it supports quick loading, coming later. The band is composed of plastic, however, the surface of the buds is made of metal. Magnets are also available. Thus, when the buds are not used as a tangle-free experience, they cling together.

Audio & Call Quality

The audio quality is pleasant and smooth. Even on maximum volume, it never warped. Each sound, whether the sound is faint or louder, provides precise and clear. It highlights the super-solid bass. Collar Flash provides precise and sufficient bass. It doesn’t shake ears, but the precise outcome for me.

 Other Features

Mivi Collar Flash Battery Features

Mivi Collar Flash Battery Features
Image Credits: Cash Mint

Bluetooth 5.0 comes with Mivi Caller Flash and is easy to connect. In 10-15 meters it is linked to the gadget. This Bluetooth neckband has an IPX5 rating that means water and perspiration won’t damage it. That implies that even while you’re in fitness you may listen to tunes without fear. The business says it’s going to last 24 hours with a battery volume of 70 percent.

For more than 20 hours we were able to play this full-volume neckband. The battery is really quick charging and this feature was great for us. For the battery to be fully charged it takes around 40 minutes. This neckband was supplied with 10mm drivers.


It is pretty clear to talk about sound quality. The experience is high, low, and medium for all kinds of music. While the music is playing, there is no trouble. During typical games, you will have no problems with this neckband. The ears are slightly pinched at maximum volume, so if you use it at 80 percent, it is a nice experience.

We did not have concerns during the call while we were talking about the microphone. You may connect this gadget to the laptop and mobile concurrently using dual pairing. The volume control button and power button of the neckband may control all features.

You must push the Plus Volume button for a long time to change the track. You must, on the other hand, use the negative volume button on the preceding track. You must quickly push the multi-function button to activate the voice assistant.

The last dial number is redirected by pushing the multi-function, i.e. power button in the neckband twice. Press the single button to call incoming while pressing the single button. To silence the call, double-click on the button “Multi-function.”

Pros and Cons for Mivi Collar Flash


  • These earbuds are really good for audio quality.
  • These earphones are supported with quick charge.
  • These earbuds give us high-quality construction.
  • Earphones are supported by two pairs
  • These earbuds feature a very good battery quality.
  • Driver size 10mm
  • IPX4 certification is available for earphones.
  • Earphones with a high-quality microphone and calling
  • Ergonomic design is available for earphones
  • 1-year warranty


  • No USB Type-C port
  • Lower latency

Mivi Collar Flash – Availability and Pricing

Mivi Collar Flash – Availability and Pricing

Mivi Collar Flash – Availability and Pricing
Image Credits: Dealbates

Available on the Amazon and Mivi’s Official Online Store is the Mivi Collar Bluetooth Earphone. The Mivi Collar Flash Bluetooth earphone price is also Rs.999 in terms of price. You may get it at the Rs.999 Official Online Store via Amazon and Mivi. This product is included in Amazon Special, meaning it is only accessible on Amazon, excluding its official store.

Wrapping Up – Should You Buy Mivi Collar Flash Or Not?

This earphone is an excellent budget alternative. We would say that this is the finest option in the pricing range of all specs and user experiences. Likewise, the internet buying platform assessment of the collar flash is also above average.

It’s, therefore, a fantastic choice to purchase. It features amazing sound, a small design, and is lightweight, comfortable. 4.4 stars out of 5. But if you’re seeking 1000 rupees wireless headphones, purchase a flash collar without hesitation.

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