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Signal hires Meredith Whittaker, one of the biggest critics in Big Tech

Signal, which is an encrypted app has hired one of the sharpest and biggest  critics that is known in the Big Tech, Meredith Whittaker. She is the former manager at Google and is known because she is really active and is a critic about Big Tech. She is vocal about the harms of Big Tech and due to this she has been one of the sharpest critics of Big Tech. She has become the President of the app Signal. With her experience, she is all set to guide and strategic  communications and policy to the company. She is also expecting small donations from all the users of signal. She plans to sustain signal with her high hopes to get support in the form of donations from the millions of users of signal.


What is Signal?

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Signal, a non profit company that competes with applications like whatsapp, etc . Signal is also a messaging app but is not like other applications, it believes in legitimacy and claims that it doesn’t share any private information of the users. Signal has  strongly stayed against collecting personal information and promotes encryption of data. It’s highly committed to personal information. Signal, as a non profit company stands strong in between some of the richest apps like whatsapp and imessage. Meredith Whittaker has taken a stand and said that it takes a lot of money to develop and maintain an app like signal. She says that we can escape from the technology that uses our personal information only if we take a decision and pay for such products that do not use our private data. The app does not have your personal information stored on its servers. Not only this but the encryption is provided on group call, text messages and voice notes also. Signal is among the few apps that give us such guarantee of end to end encryption.


Meredith and Signal


Meredith Whittaker is an active member of google and has been there to adapt some awareness about the social impacts of artificial intelligence. She is also known for her worker activism in Google as well. Signal is still finding its chief from the past many days and Whittaker says that it has to be the right person. The app has experienced a huge hike in its downloads within a year. With Whittaker entering the company there will be a huge change in the company’s working mantra.



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