SK Telecom launches crypto wallet
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SK Telecom launches cryptocurrency wallet

SK Telecoms into crypto industry!

SK Telecom enters Crypto industry
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SK Telecoms is a South Korean telecommunications operator and is one of the parts of the SK Group. SK Group is one of the most capitalized industries in South Korea.

As the cryptocurrency market is exploring and evolving in its process of world domination, many big industries have seized their opportunity to venture into the cryptocurrency market and make the best use of the untapped potential of the market. Since, Cryptocurrency is also tipped to revolutionize the entire financial industry of the world, the companies are leaving no stone unturned to venture into the market.

SK Telecoms, with the same motive entered in to the cryptocurrency market, in collaboration with third parties. SK Telecoms is tipped to roll out a cryptocurrency wallet platform, which can be used by the users to trade and store their cryptocurrencies.


SK Telecoms partners with AhnLab Blockchain and Atomrigs Lab!

SK Telecom went on to partner with AhnLab and Atomrigs Lab to develop crypto asset wallet platform. The crypto wallet will be able to store a varied range of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other assets powered by Blockchain.

The Korean company was elated to make the collaboration as it got the opportunity to enter into the cryptocurrency space and would be able to have some insights on how the market functions.

The views of the CEO’s!

Personal wallets, according to the CEO of Atomrigs, are hampering the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem since it is incredibly difficult to make them both safe and convenient to use. The multi-platform interoperability of ABC Wallet and a security risk response mechanism, according to the CEO of AhnLabs, will be included in the collaborative project. The CEO of SK Telecoms was not reported saying much about the news, but it is believed that the integration surely is an instance of pride for the all the three.


Writer’s Analysis:

According to me, I feel until now, Korea, has been reported negatively in the crypto domain for illegally hacking and looting the wallets and for illegally funding its nuclear programs. This is one of those few instances where Korean company is looking to put its foot in the market and grow in an ethical manner, which indeed is positive to read about.


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