Past, Present And Future Of Smart Wearables In Fitness And Good Health

smart wearables

Wearable technology is considered to be the biggest phenomenon in technology since the mobile phone. As far as we talk about the possibilities of the wearable technology then we can clearly say that the sky is the limit to what it can do.

Most of the consumers focus on the wearable that are primarily focused on fitness improvement and daily assistance. Assistance in health improvement is one of the major highlights of Wearable gadgets and that is why consumers primarily pick fitness-focused Wearable that allows them to improve their health on different aspects.

The Role of Smart Wearable

Wearable market keeps changing the scope and possibility area and even in the present it is changing the way we generally exercise and stay fit in our routine life. This offers you various forms of fitness trackers that allow you to keep track of your health.

Additionally, these devices come in several different kinds of shapes, sizes and they differ in levels of sophistication too. Purchaser can wear Wearable watch on the wrist or it can be used as a simple band or it can be can be clipped to the belt without causing any discomfort.

Smart Wearable Choices for Consumer in the year 2017

1. Garmin Vivosmart HR+

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ has one of the best fitness trackers and it is filled with amazing tech and specifications that will definitely be a moving option for the consumer. It has features and performance aspects that made it possible for this gadget to become Fitness Tracker of the Year at the Wearable Tech Awards 2016.

It offers features like tracking and monitoring of walking steps, sleeping time and duration, 24×7 heart rate observing and GPS. This can be purchased in $179.99.

2. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit increased current standards with the Charge 2, yet regardless of the fact that this gadget is slightly missing the expectation mark of its own; despite everything it got a merited tribute at the Wearable Tech Awards.

It can offer quite effective monitoring and tracking of steps, sleep and 24×7 heart rate monitoring. Additionally, it will provide breathing training as well as VO2 Max. This can be purchased in $149.95.

3. Withings Steel HR

Hybrid smart watches tend to be somewhat light on bad-to-the-bone hardcore fitness features, but this is not the case with Withings Steel HR (which is soon to be Nokia). The top-notch heart rate monitoring underneath the stainless steel case watches your ticker everything and hurls the information into the award winning Withings Health Mate application.

Additionally, what’s more noteworthy is that the Steel HR that offers 25-day battery life. It can offer features like steps, sleep and heart rate monitoring along with the 25-day battery life. It can be purchased in $179.95.

4. Maverick Ray

Stylish and smooth, Misfit broke from the traditional and conventional plan of its round Shine tracker to offer something more attentive. Misfit Ray offers steps and sleep monitoring all inside Misfit’s smooth and clean application. It can offer smartphone notification, calls and messages to the paired device. It can be purchased in $99.95.

5. Fitbit Alta HR

While the Fitbit Alta HR doesn’t contrast too strongly from its old kin in the department of appearance, with the expansion of a heart rate monitoring into the same smooth gadget, this is obviously the unrivaled tracker. It’s frequently said that gadgets with monitoring can’t appeal, yet the Alta HR’s extensive variety of exchangeable straps help it turn into a discreet piece of your regular wear.

You can get the lively Classic models at the lower end of the range in dark, blue, plum and blue-green, with the more expensive Luxe bands in leather and metal variations. It can offer features like Steps monitoring, sleep monitoring, HR monitoring, smartphone notification, calls and messages to the paired device. It can be purchased in $149.95.

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Past, Present and Future of Smart Wearable:

In the earlier year of Wearable technology development, fitness tracker models mostly depended on the accelerometers and it is something that is capable of measuring movement. This was an amazing innovation that gave an approximation of the number of steps that a person took in a certain period of time/day/week etc. the activity level and sleep rate can be tracked with these accelerometers. This was still an amazing innovation that took technological advancement in wearable to a whole new level.

It was certainly a revolution of the time. However, the expectations of people have been advanced with the presence of scope in the technological advancement. Right now, market is playing with a whole new ball game where spinning and bouncing possibilities are being tested and scope is expending as well.

Wearable technology gadgets of present time are definitely more sophisticated and advanced. There are many more features and highlights that gives us more hope for the future advancement of wearable gadgets.

Presently, gadgets are completely loaded with smarter sensors and amazing features. For example, some wearable in the market will offer you sensors that have the capability of tracking a person’s skin response to an electrical current.

Moreover, wearable can also measure a person’s heart rate simply with the use of light-based sensors. Also, more advanced optical sensors utilization can reveal the amount of oxygen in the blood which is also an amazing health tracking feature in wearable gadget these days.

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As per my view, wearable gadgets have become much smarter with time and technological advancements. There are so many unexpected changes in the market due to smart wearable gadget availability. Smart wearable gadgets can offer consumer to get smarter life because it reduces the effort requirement and increases the efficiency of task. In short, smart wearable is making life better and it will be much more crucial part of our life in the future.

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